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Me showing my big "proof" of brain...

When Do I Sleep?

Here I am for the second time tonight doing an introduction post, and for this one, I would like to thank @nirvana3303 because if not for them reblogging a post I did for #CineTV, I would likely have not heard of this #Community for a few days. Thankfully, once again, I get to be on the cutting edge of the #HIVE ecosystem, and introduce myself to what appears to be another awesome forward-thinking group!

Kidding About the Brain Thing...

Ok so yeah, I have a BAS, but it is in Media Creation and Communications, not Blockchain Technology or Computer Science. That means that a lot of times I am a bit behind in understanding the new technologies and how they work. Proof-of-Brain? No idea, but @achim03 did an excellent job explaining what it is in This Post -HERE- but I will admit, I still do not get the "tokenomics" no matter who is talking about them. To me, what matters more is that the project started on #HIVE.

HIVE is Personal

Let me tell you how I feel personally about HIVE. A few years ago, I got started blogging on Steemit. I was living in a transitional housing program and wrote about my early recovery from Heroin. I made a decent income and used it to get a good start after leaving the program. I went to school and got married. I bought a home, my wife started a business, and eventually, I came back to find Steemit had become HIVE! I learned from some of the "Old Heads" about the entire thing with Tron, and decide3d right then where my loyalties lied. Then I was "phished..."

It Can Happen To Anyone...

So about two weeks after coming back to HIVE, I found myself stupidly putting my Master Key into a short link made to look like Hivesigner and lost about $175 USD in my four-year-old account. I was mad but motivated as well. I had about 2K USD in crypto to invest, and I already had realized I wanted to invest in HIVE, so I started to learn, and invest. I started a new account, and was lucky enough to receive the MusicForLife airdrop, and become a delegated curator for that community. I got involved with ProjectRevelation, almost by accident, and CineTV as well the same way. Amazingly, someone reblogged the short film that I uploaded for CineTV, and that led me here!


Every community I have been involved with on HIVE has been awesome and I am sure this one will prove to be no different! Hopefully, I can find some way to contribute here to help this community in some way in line with my skills and talent because, as I said, a computer scientist I am not! Someone that can write and engage others, and produce videos and music to help promote things? That is something I can do! Hopefully, I will get the chance!

Thank You For Reading!

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Welcome to POB bud! Sorry to hear about the lost account but good on you for taking it in your stride.

Thank you! Hopefully, I will be an asset!

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Another interesting tribe. Thanks for sharing.

You are most welcome!

Thanks for the mention !

Thank you for the explanation!

proofofbrain is great community
I have joined it

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About a month ago I mentioned to someone that the price of bitcoin had been going up. He told me he didn't know what that was. I thought I had stuttered. So I repeated "bitcoin". He really didn't know. I was shocked.

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Thank you! I just commented on one of your posts about delegation. I am currently leased out on most of my HP, but I did go buy some POB tokens and staked them. I am big long on all HIVE projects, and this one looks good!