Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for July 20th

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Occasionally, we will pick a couple of awesome posts that we find interesting and will suggest them for your further reading... We hope that it will help authors as an additional promotion... We support creators with our upvotes in Hive, but also in other tribe tokens!

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Javanese Fried Tempeh With Soy Sauce Recipe by @anggreklestari


Do you want to prepare Javanese Fried Tempeh? Check out this awesome recipe...

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Are Stable Coins Killing The Crypto Dream? by @bitcoinflood


That is an interesting point of view... Like every time, I think that interest rates (for stable coins) will balance out, and probably go down... The same goes for the volatility of BTC, ETH, and some other big coins and that's totally fine... As a matter of fact, only then crypto will be ready for mass adoption...
I don't mind that those things happen, but that will take some time... Until then, we should accumulate and use current "swings" to get more of those valuable crypto assets...

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Splinterlands Assets to the Moon by @gadrian


The thing that's happening at the moment with Splinterlands is a perfect storm... In a positive way... :) You are right about the well-planned rest of the year, and what we are seeing is a clear FOMO in SPS airdrop... If we add the fact that there are no card packs to buy inside the game, we are adding gasoline on a fire...

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Openmic week #67 Padre Celestial -Mi alma te anela en Am in LA menor (Cover Música) @jesusmedit by @jesusmedit


Soothing to the soul and passionate in expression! Thank you @jesusmedit for bringing your contemplation, your emotions and this song to Hive Open Mic community!

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I see this post daily in my feed. But today, I read two of these posts in my feed and again I saw them in your post and then felt like saying - you really pick the best.



That's just crazy... It's nice to see that we are synchronized with our taste for excellency :) :)