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The Similar Intoxicating Effect of Alcohol and Sleep by @winniekal


This is an interesting thesis about the similar effects of alcohol and sleep, but those are more like "feelings" that we experience in those moments... Anyways, there is a big difference AFTER each of those two... After sleeping, you feel refreshed, but after a hard-partying, not really... :)

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Your Last Chance For Life-Changing Crypto Wealth by @johnwege


You are right... The clock is ticking and this price drop is a gift from the sky for everyone who didn't jump on the cryptocurrency train... As you have mentioned "corona-dump" in the post, I would say that this can be maybe the last "big event" which pulled down the price where it is at the moment... Maybe we have a bit more to go down, but that's it...
I doubt that we will see these prices anymore...

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Creativity by @russellstockley


It's amazing how you connected creativity with leaving the comfort zone and "showing no fear"! I didn't think in that way... Thanks for sharing your views...

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[ESP-ENG] Ambient synth music: Experimentando con módulos nuevos en VCV RACK by @jotadiaz12


Opening new horizons, without borders. That's what I feel listening to your music. I really have no idea how you do this, that's why I looked at a post of yours from before where you explained a bit, but I'm still very green with the topic: D
I take my hat off to this work you do, I still don't understand but sometimes we don't have to understand things, but rather accept what we don't know very calmly, enjoy without borders, just like what we heard in this music and in the publication I mentioned.

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