My Psychology Believe About Lie

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Their is somethings that will keep existing as long as the world exist. One of it is Lie.

Lie, is not a new thing to everyone here, of course every one lies every day in one way or the other but some are just very good in it, imagine someone that received call beside me and telling the receiver that he's in class where as he's was in bed.

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Lie is part of communication that involve in interacting with one another which could be a means of saving life or kill innocent.

We see lie as something bad but we can't just stop doing it because its in part of our body. Since you have tougue, then you are entitle to lie.

Majority in this life has used the power of lie to succeed and scape from dealth and like-wise the trust we called the Best, has lead someone to trouble, Do you believe that?

Imagine the herdsmen that kidnapped
Two Christian in two years ago (2), they were both asked if they will deny their God or not.
The first one denied and said "I'm not a child of God" while the other one said the truth and refused to deny his God.

The first one that lied was set free and the other one that said the truth was killed.
Now tell me, should we be lying when we find our self in two side of the coin, where we are to choose one?

My believe

How to get someone that lie:

Almost every one that want to say something will touch his or her body unaware, which refers to body language but you just have to be careful and watch.

  • When some one touches his chest when asking him/her question and he's trying to express that's the Truth

  • When repeating the question you ask as if he doesn't hear that's the lie

  • When he/she sweat in the fore head or lips when talking that's the lie

  • When he/she touches is ear or head when talking that's the lie

  • When he/she first reply with ' hmm' 'uh' 'huh'. that's the lie

All these are useful to detect lies and also, I think one of the best way is to tell him/her to reverse the story or start the story from the end.


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Lie is not good thing truly, but we see it as important thing we can't do without.

We can live without telling lies, by determine and work on ourselves, those is not easy, nothing is easy. But we have to take steps out of lie.

Lie give enternal dead, but true give enternal life because bible said who ever lost his life because of true, have enternity and who lie to keep his life lost enternity.

Truly some lie to have success but at the end such person will cry before he or she die. Because one day he lot everything and he will regret.

And for the girl that we think she dead if faithful she knows God, she did not lost her life.

Because in the bible Jesus said who ever that deny me on earth and will deny in heaven and ever announced me on earth will announce in heaven.

I will say let try our best to say the truth, because this earth is not our home, after this world we are going somewhere which is heaven.

What profit a man that gain the whole world and lust his soul.


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Lies is not a good habit and it needs to be stopped at all cost.

Misleading information given to another party can make someone to loose confidence that the other had in someone.

The truth is that once the truth of the whole matter is now being revealed after one has lied, one tends to feel embarrassed and the esteem and valur that the other party place in someone will reduced drastically.


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