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After so many rising and falling in the crypto market over the last few months, especially a big downfall that hit the number one most prestigious Coin Bitcoin, finally better days are now beginning to show as news surface that El-savaldor as finally becomes the first ever country to adopt the coin as a legal tender which will make it easier for their citizen to access without fear.

some days ago it also surface that India are most likely to make the same move by declaring Bitcoin as an asset

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which means their is a more of good thing to come for all investor with Bitcoin and all the people of India too

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With Iran making the same move by legalize cryptocurrency too,it is to show that the best is yet to come to the crypto market and which is going to allow all it citizen to trade on Bitcoin with ease, BITCOIN to me it on his way to gain back the big dominance it once possesd and all it investor are going to smile again.

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I just hope all this moves on Bitcoin bring about rise in the market value.
El-Salvador making Bitcoin as means of exchange is the kind move we need from other countries to make crypto currency strong.

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The El Salvador adoption is really bold move and great one for Bitcoin and cryptos.

Looking forward to see the impact it has on the economy positively so other countries can join the BTC bandwagon

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