Hivers, Come In! Read! - A Call for Authenticity in Hive

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Hello, bees!

Get ready to fly with me for a bit as you watch, feel, and hear this story.
Feel free to wonder what is it about!

You don't have to agree with this text, just follow me! #letsbuzz


Q: How much honey can you share in Hive and be happy with it?
Another one: How much honey do your get from Hive daily?

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I know I feel amazing here.

Hive Feedback Authenticity: People are sometimes talking about the positive feedback that is practiced in Hive and sometimes discourage this. Well, I'm all in for positive feedback served well, warm, and with a nice writing aesthetics. There's no negative feedback, in my opinion. Feedback is conceptualized as a gift. We can get it through the value of the votes our articles get, with comments, with a reblogging or none, with a tagging...If it's not offensively expressed, then feedback is truly a gift leading to improvement. Clearly not a joy dance for those strongly ego-centered.

------>>> This post is made for all of you in HIVE and for those from centralized social media that will be reading the article after I'll share it here and there!

So I've decided to join the weekly contest in POB made by @calumam, even if I rarely participate in any contests.

And even if, this concept, has a very particular definition, dynamics, and mechanics for me, you're about to get an easy text to revive your senses and do some self-work ;)

Have you ever been around someone who turned you off?

During a conversation, you're not sure if you're getting the real story.

It doesn't all add up. Something feels off.

And as a result, you're turned off. You don't want to spend time with this person.

When you sense this it boils down to something simple. They are being fake.


Fake = Inauthentic.

What you are looking for instead is Real.

Real = Authentic.

Not only do you want to spend time with Authentic people.

Other souls on this planet are looking for the same thing in you.

They are MORE attracted to you when you're authentically you!

Oh, and there's one more REASON being authentic is crucial. And this is the most important reason of all.

In the moments when you are not authentic, you are setting yourself up to be less congruent with yourself!

Read that line again!

No matter how hard you try you can't BS yourself.

You will always know deep down when you are being inauthentic.

And this causes problems!

BLUNT TRUTH: If you don't follow your truth... Your Inner knowing... Then you won't be happy.
It's good to align your thoughts with your words and behavior. To be congruent with your system of beliefs and your personal values. Otherwise...who are you? What do you stand for? What's really meaningful to you? Shapeshifting? Being a coward, a social whore (oops! I am making fun of stereotypes, though I KNOW that our behavior NEVER defines who we are.) Behind anything that doesn't align with you, any kind of behavior you adopt, it might stand fear. The fear know the know your fears.

Do you want to live misleading your authentic self?


Being InAuthentic = Being UnHappy.

When you ARE Authentic you'll attract genuine people AND your deepest desires will become realities flying towards you. The universe likes REAL. You do your job and it does his.

MORE: 🎁📦💝

If fear keeps us playing our lives in the AUTHENTICITY game with low cards and satisfaction, what can we do?

First, we can stop pointing the finger at others and accept the fact that if we change our reactions, our genuine relationships can improve or we can build new ones.

So, it might be your own work to do to make some spring cleaning.

Spring is around the corner and right now is the perfect time to sow the seeds for new beginnings. To help you with this, I have a shadow work exercise for you. Shadow work is so important because it brings parts of you that are buried and ignored into light, and when we become aware and accepting of these parts, it can lead to greater authenticity, creativity, and energy, and accelerate our awakening. Yes! Wake up and look at your true self!

Here’s an exercise you can use anytime:

Think of the person in your life that most triggers you. Now imagine you have a ‘permission pill’ that encourages and allows you to say the nastiest truths about this person. Grab a pen and paper and write out a few sentences of pure unadulterated judgment.

Now, look at what you've written and ask yourself what that reflects about you?

What have you made true about yourself that you have projected onto that person?

Close your eyes, take a few breaths and locate where the feeling is in your body. Look for what shines in this place, there are parts of it that carry great light, power, and boundless energy. Perhaps you feel the energy as a negative thing right now but there is something good in there to be felt, something tremendously resourceful. It might be connected to your anger or willpower...what else is there?
Does it have a sound or shape, or anything you can feel more in your body?

Now ask yourself - What is it about the darkest part of your shadow that is actually your greatest gift?

That's it!
You've made it!

Feel free to comment and visit me from time to time.
I am genuine ;) I can give a fk or two...or none.

With friendship and care,


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You're actually right by saying that being real makes you more happy.

Happiness is what people seek elsewhere these days without knowing its all in their own hands which is to always be true to one self just like you said.

Nice blog. I feel like making my own post right now on AUTHENTICITY after reading your blog. hope i still got time to hop in the challenge.

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I was about to go to sleep and reading your comment really makes my early morning better. I'm glad you've read it. I'm glad this motivated you! I also felt motivated by another article to write. This Hive chain is engaging :)

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I was about to go to sleep and reading your comment really makes my early morning better.

i guess that makes both of us.

it does motivate me to read friend.

Keep up the Good Job, the engagement rate is definitely high on hive and here on pob too .

HUGGGGS 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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Up, going in the #hive pub, curating, and also trying to write an article or two.

Hugs and thank you for this nice comment you made last night!

There's an old saying here in Brazil, that maybe exists outside of it too:

Those who are real know who are not

This is the first thing that came to my mind as I was reading this post. I can really relate to the part where when you are no being true to your inner truth you are being less congruent to yourself. When I was living in the temple, I was really afraid to show myself as I am, and I could see that people would be a little cold to me. One day I asked "Why?" and they said "We love you for who you are, not who your are trying to show" Only when I started to be true to myself and show my authenticity, I could feel that I was an equal to them.

Loved your take on the word of the week!!!
Let's keep going together!
Big Hug!

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Ah, I had no idea you lived in a temple!

Will you be writing about this experience more? If so, please let me know. I might be missing it and I don't want to!
Thank you for reading. I am glad this somehow got to you :)
I was telling my best friend about you and what you, do last night. Fire, clowning...ah...and I have a surprise for you= 2 things I have done:




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Wow, such nice gifts!! Thank you so much!!!

Yes, I lived for 2 years in a Shamanic Temple, and I'm thinking about doing a series about the life there (although some things may come more as fiction than reality... hehehe) but I think it would be nice to remember that time. I always put bits and pieces of this experience in my posts, but when I start my true serie about the life on the road (I lived 2 years also traveling around doing juggling) it end in the temple, so that would be a nice start to that.

But for sure I'll tag you on all of them! I would be delighted to share them with you!

Let's keep going!
Big Hug!

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I'm truly looking forward to getting access to your picaresque journey. Maybe it will open me up more to share pieces from my life as a trainer, coach, Psoriasis warrior and helper, and more.

t would be an honor just to read your articles about that.

Thank you for considering this!

A big hug from me too!

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One of the good thing about being authentic is that only those who are also authentic remain close to you.

Great post, @regenerette!

Yes, that becomes an implicit selection.

Thank you, @wiseagent

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Be myself , it is authentic. I know that in real life I am far from good person but at least I should be myself, tell the truth and do not show off what I do not have.

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Indeed, @lebah!

Jeez, that disco wasp/fly nearly gave me a heart attack lol. Popped up out of nowhere while I was reading.

I really enjoyed reading your take on Authenticity and how you laid out how attraction plays a role in it. Something sprang to my mind while I was reading this part;

When you ARE Authentic you'll attract genuine people AND your deepest desires will become realities flying towards you.

I read a long while ago that "you're the average of your five friends" or something along those lines. Something about osmosis and how we show traits and qualities of others that we are around frequently. There was an example made about the saying to do with how calves learn how to walk just from the presence of the mothering cow. Pretty interesting stuff.

Just one thing... make sure to add the pob-wotw tag so it's added into the entries alongside everyone else (it's easier to interact with the other posts that way and is a condition of the contest). Awesome post though, a pleasure to read.

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I'm glad it had an effect on you ;) with our without the bee :)

Yes, we seem to be drawn to and prolong the presence of others in our lives, those that have somehow common beliefs with ours. They are "parts" of our identity in a way. We'll always stay close to what is warm and pleasurable, and what we already know it's like that. So when we meet people that align with our beliefs, that's a perfect fit.

pob-wotw that is? I will add it now!