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Now, please allow me to tell you some personal ideas about living a purpose-oriented life.
As some of us practice similar things, I am sure you know that it's enough to set your intention to pay attention to your life and to what's happening in it.

I know, I know…the thought of living the life of your dreams and waking up feeling fulfilled and on purpose while you are making money and changing the world might seem impossible and so far away right now.

Maybe you have already 'worked so hard' on yourself, taking tons of programs that sit on your desktop.

Maybe you have tried self-help books (in fact your brain might still engage with ideas from them right now)

Maybe you are tired and secretly resentful to your partner for not growing as fast as you and you fear if you grow anymore you will leave him/her behind. I've seen this happening while coaching entrepreneurs.

Maybe the ache inside of you that you are not living your purpose has turned into a numbing pulse that has you overeating, binge-watching Netflix more than you would normally do, or go for hours of online shopping with a huge glass of Cab in the middle of the night.

Maybe it seems like you have tried everything and nothing seems to have worked.

I get it...I’m not even going to try to talk you out of feeling that way.

There is a truth I want to share with you that I lean into often.

Never let your past experience get in the way of your future desires.

It's not about forcing yourself to FIX you, you are not broken.


Look, here is my truth...

Three truths, actually.

Three truths that make the difference between struggling in your life and feeling disconnected from your true self…and a life that reflects the REAL you. The authentic, fearless beauty you truly are.

Here they are:

  • One: If you have a desire in your heart to shift into a more conscious life this needs to be starting with you! You have to have CLEAR boundaries that pull love closer instead of pushing it away. So, analyze what you love to do. Put aside what you have to do daily and just think about the most important dreams that you once had and create new ones. Allow yourself to WISH for things to happen before worrying that they might never do.
  • Two: You know your boundaries so feel free to stop hiding behind others (including hiding behind excuses) for why you can't do more with your life. Find the reasons you can achieve more and why you MUST live your dreams. Shift that mindset and beliefs and start feeling WORTHY (not just know it, FEEL it)
  • Three: Act towards the direction of your dreams DAILY by honoring the fullness of yourself by being balanced, aligned, and connected to your truth DAILY. To who you really are and to what you really want.

That’s it.

That’s all it takes to have a life that reflects the real you, one you can create income from and share your gifts with the world. And it doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur, a coach, or a corporate exec or a freelancer, or someone learning the "art" of becoming no one, like me.

Clear boundaries +allow yourself to dream + No excuses and START acting in that direction of your desires.

Does it make sense?

And this process will support you with every vision, every 'next' level, and version of you because it is TIMELESS, once you learn it, it lasts. And the best part?

It gets better and better.

I have clients moving to their dream location and buying homes in Thailand.

Coaches who are finally giving themselves permission to start their business AND receiving paying clients.

Women who are taking care of themselves without guilt and finally spending the quality time with their kids that they desire.

Women who have been on the brink of divorce now madly in love again and feeling that joy and passion.

That’s what you need to succeed, isn’t it? A simple model that scales with your vision of your true authentic calling.



Can this model work for your life?

It's all up to you. Nobody will ever design your life unless you let them enslave you at some level. But you can be free and own your life!


That’s what it’s all about.

So if you’re tired of dimming your life, accepting less than you deserve, not making the time you need for yourself, now it's the time to do MORE for yourself!

You have Hive, you have this community, a life that still has a purpose for you, health, the sun, and the moon, the air that you breathe and which is FREE of charge and you have yourself to START. Now!

Feel free to thank yourself for reading this article as you use it to your advantage!

I am thanking you and your energy and time for reading this!

With care and respect,
@regenerette - a hospes comesque


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Definitely i feel living a life without purpose is pointless. There is always something everyone is chasing.

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Indeed. But are our daily purposes following exactly what we need? Are they aligned with our values? Wouldn't one like to have more freedom, work for himself/herself instead of being in the rat race? Are there couples that don't get along anymore and still stay together, instead of living a better life?
People have become so accustomed to making compromises. Is their life lived genuinely towards what their mind and heart would desire for their happiness. I know a bunch of people who are unhappy with their jobs, their marriages, their daily schedule and they still comply with those situations. Is that purposeful? Yes. But, is that aligned with their values, with their real desires/ Or are they living a life of compromise?


This is such a great post! Thank you so much for your insights - this is really truly the path to healthy self-love.


Oh! Thank you so much for reading it and for coming by and offering this feedback, Julie!
It feels so good to know that what I post brings something to people that are reading.