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OK, you said that maybe there are several groups of people who are involved in crypto, but OK, those three groups are really typical. So, the most important message is to do DYOR (do your own research). Yes, I agree. But here's the problem: You have a group of people who decide to do something, say based on a presentation/plan/whatever, and they invest in it. Why do they do it? Did they do DYOR? Maybe they know the team? It's always a personal decision. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
Well, we can now map this situation onto Liotes, this small, still uninhabited planet. How should people do DYOR? On the basis of white paper? On the basis of the 3speak videos, you produce daily? On @ourpick posts? On the team's references? Tough questions :)
I can only speak about myself. I wouldn't worry too much about crypto being volatile. That's just the way it is and we need to find new opportunities in this space.
btw: I have never watched any YT or Twitter influencer ... I don't care for them :)


You have raised some really valid questions... From the objective point of view, small projects (as Liotes) are risky investments as there is no "footprint" about it, no history... I bet it was the same with Bitcoin 12 years ago, or with any other program...

And in those moments, things like "knowing the team", their reputation, preferences are the only available tools at the moment with which you can DYOR... You are working on what you have atm... But, I suppose that that's how it works... Those who dare to invest early, usually get more gains... Look at some of those guys who were there when BTC was starting... or even ETH... I was there when ETH was under $10, but I didn't understand the concept, didn't investigate more into it, and I missed the train... It happened then, it will happen again... There are too many good crypto projects, and I will probably miss a lot of them... But, hitting 2-3 good one will be enough... hehehe


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