Overload in the brain ... shock of emotions and more

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When we hear the word overload, we think more of something high voltage, related much more to electrical energy, but this time let's talk today about what causes emotional overload in your brain.

We know that the brain is an extremely complex human organ, it is located in our skull and is part of our central nervous system, but ... how is the brain overloaded?
Well let's start by discovering the brain from the beginning.


Billions of neurons make connections in neural development during fetal development. The last part of the baby's brain that matures before birth is the cerebral cortex.

Well, the most common thing is not smoking, not consuming any type of drugs, not ingesting alcohol ... but there is something important and that is that the woman in the process of pregnancy should not feel Stress ... and this word wanted to come ... incredibly from The formation of the belly, stress is an overload for our brain and is that many people take this word as something normal in life and get used to living under the shadow of this so-called STRESS.

When external load increases, the ability to pay attention to complex information decreases. Stress is caused as a natural response to the experiences of our environment, concerns, work pressures, fears, threatening situations or challenges that cause us some fear. Our brain reacts by activating certain structures that are responsible for being prepared for a deployment of energy, its function is to be prepared to face these demands.

However, when, due to different circumstances, we are immersed in a picture of chronic stress, it has been shown in numerous investigations that our brain undergoes changes both at a functional level and at a structural or anatomical level.

It is a substance generated as a response at the biochemical level by the brain ... this is responsible for the increase in energy in the body. When we feel stress, the sugar level begins to increase, at that moment this substance is released but at the same time it slows down other situations in our body, such as the immune system, sexual response or the digestive system and this causes us to get sick more commonly.


When people are subjected to stress or overwhelm, it implies more presence of cortisol in the blood, resulting in the gradual weakening of brain cells, and may even lead to their destruction ... yes, as you are reading, "destruction". It has even been shown that there certain areas that are reducing their size due to chronic stress and these play a very important role in emotional regulation, memory and learning.

This attracts the difficulty of making decisions and making plans for the future. Lately when you see a job it has become common within the requirements to apply for it, they request that the person can work under pressure and how unfair and contradictory this is, they imagine all the emotional load that someone can have in their life daily, either in your family, with debts acquired with health problems, in short, different things and after this find yourself in the need to take a job that from before entering you already know that you will receive a good dose of stress.

One of the most serious diseases that stress can cause is a stroke thanks to the drastic reduction of blood circulation in the brain, as the nerves and veins contract, creating an obstacle to the supply of blood, oxygen and others. .. This causes less blood to reach the heart and begin to pump faster than normal, that is why when under stress we begin to feel palpitations, dizziness and fear of fainting.


We believe, awareness about this problem that every day we see it more common in everyone's life, we live in a fast-paced world, where it is impossible not to feel stress, fear ... but we must take time to lower the revolutions since it can cause a series of Flaws in our health and as we see are irreparable flaws, our brain is perhaps one of the most important organs and we must take care of it, just as we take care of our figure or our sugar and others, we must pay more attention to stress since it is the main cause of diseases emotional that can upset our decisions by causing us to commit actions that we cannot later have a setback.

Consolidate your memories: Instead of working non-stop, take deliberate distractions from your day. Doing so will drain your short-term memory and ease the burden of the information deluge.

Activate your brain garbage removal, everything that is no longer important try to forget, erase and move to a new stage.

Our brain consumes 20% of the body's energy, although it only occupies 2% of the body's volume. This means that when our body lacks energy, the brain suffers as well. Taking time in the day to take care of the body and clear the mind from work will help rejuvenate our brain.

We are in brain testing a community where you can write important stories, interesting articles and it is a good way to start to clear, because you take the time to release information and contribute to the general knowledge of the community, read about something you want to project It is a wonderful exercise for our brain, contests help us to be more expressive to elevate our creativity and at the same time forget for a moment everything that causes you real stress.

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