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RE: It's Time To Practice What I Preach

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That's nice man! I'm trying to bring everyone I know to the chain so I can get rid of centralized apps.

I'm new to VIMM though so how I'd go about it? Just follow you in there?

I still haven't caught you live but I think the time works for me so I'll try to stop by next week!

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You can create an account on Vimm with an email address or you can use HiveSigner to log in to Vimm. If you go the former route, you can link your Hive Wallet through HiveSigner, as well. Either way works. But with a Hive wallet linked, you can upvote their stream while they're live, and they'll see it in chat.

Yeah their app is flawless for me. So easy to use, just wish they stopped using Hive Signer and adopted Keychain.

Hive Signer is killing unicorns lol

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