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It has been a very exciting week as we announced our delegation rewards program, launched the Minecraft server, and pushed additional updates to some of our existing HIVE tools. We covered most of these in our last posted located here but you can find some of the highlights from the week below incase you missed them.

Before we get started, I wanted to personally invite gamers across HIVE to join us over in the Discord. We are building a genuine community of active gamers that enjoy both browser-based games (such as Rising Star or Splinterlands) as well as video games. Many of us are playing games together on our private / public servers (we host dozens of game servers) and are using the $PIZZA token to buy some of our games now on the store! If you are a gamer looking for more gamers or even a stream circle (some of us even stream to VIMM) come join us! JOIN DISCORD

  • Delegation Rewards
    • You can now delegate HP to our curation account and start farming $PIZZA tokens! This is an automated process and the cron will run daily to issue your $PIZZA rewards.
    • The initial inflation size was 10 $PIZZA per day as we ran tests on the system. We have since increased the daily inflation size to 20 $PIZZA to be distributed among all delegations based on your % of the delegation pool. The more you delegate, the more rewards you receive! By stacking more $PIZZA this also sets you on the path of more rewards as you begin qualifying for additional reward tiers.

  • Please consider delegating to the account. We are working towards bigger onboarding initiatives and ways to promote HIVE in general (aside from PIZZA) and the HP would help us out very much in setting up longterm success for our ideas. We manually curate creative content all across HIVE but have only a small amount of HP to give back to the community. Help us curate amazing content (and join our trail!) by delegating us your HP and receive $PIZZA as a reward!

Click HereClick HereClick HereClick HereClick HereClick HereClick HereClick Here

  • Twitter Giveaway Results
    • Last week we ran a Twitter giveaway that saw over 3k engagements. This included free $PIZZA, free WAX Hashkings NFTs, and a free copy of @stickupboys VFT! Congratulations to our winners! We will be announcing the next giveaway soon! Stay tuned or join the Discord to find out as soon as it's available!

  • Curation Trail
    • Our curation trail is growing stronger and we invite you to join us as we manually curate several awesome topics throughout HIVE that includes gaming, art, music, movies, and yes.... PIZZA!
    • Click here to join the trail!

  • Updates to our Pizza Apps
  • HIVE Community Bot Updates
    • We announced some of the cool features that the early release will have and announced that the current version is available for invite to additional guilds. Keep in mind it is in a developmental stage and bugs will and are already occurring. Please only invite the bot if you wish to use it in current form or assist with feedback. Check out our last post here for more information about the bot!


  • HiveProjects Listing
    • We are happy to announce that our submission has been approved at and you can now find the early entry for the community bot, PizzaBox! We'll be adding more of our gadgets and creations here soon!

  • Minecraft Sever - PizzaCraft
    • We are building a HIVE community server to help bridge the gap between gamers and HIVE. We're building tons of cool challenges and areas to explore for events where you can earn HIVE and PIZZA just by playing videos games!
    • Connection Info: JAVA PC Edition Join Discord

  • Don't forget, you can also deposit your $PIZZA tokens into the VFT Labs farm for more ways to passively earn on HIVE!



Circulating SupplyBurnedMax



Wallet Status

2129 wallets hold $PIZZA
0381 wallets hold >= 1 $PIZZA ( 8-) )
0178 wallets hold >= 20 $PIZZA (bot access level 1)
0039 wallets hold >= 200 $PIZZA (bot access level 2)
0021 wallets hold >= 1000 $PIZZA (badass level)



Discord Submission

  • We love Pizza, it's a fact! Pizza is the bond that brings us together. In the Discord we encourage our $PIZZA family to share photos of their pizza creations or of 'za they are trying throughout their day.

  • This week, we are choosing THREE winners from the Discord!


First Place
(received the most emojis in the Discord)
Submitted By: @creodas
Award: 15 $PIZZA


Second Place
Submitted By: @saffisara
Award: 10 $PIZZA


Third Place
Submitted By: @lostkluster
Award: 5 $PIZZA

Thank you for your participation and enjoy your tasty $PIZZA tokens!



Top 10 Leaderboards (Bag Holders)

Date: 6/14/2021
Token: #PIZZA
This weeks bonus: 6% $PIZZA

Want to get in on the action and secure your own weekly bonus rewards?

You can buy $PIZZA on LeoDex, TribalDex, or Hive Engine!

These PIZZA BARONS control the top 10 leaderboards and thus receive the biggest bonus reward each week! You can earn up to 10% back in the form of $PIZZA and other tokens by knocking our current leaders out and claiming your spot among the top!


@wine-token @stickupboys @dadspardan @hivetrending @cooperclub @brofundholdings @roger.remix @thegoliath @juanmiguelsalas @globetrottergcc


Lucky 5 Weekly $PIZZA Holders

(randomly chosen weekly from all holders with >= 1 $PIZZA in their wallet)


These lucky winners have won 5% of their $PIZZA holdings value back!

Remember! If you want a chance at BIGGER rewards, simply hold more $PIZZA in your wallet!

@successchar @mobi72 @zottone444 @sidekickmatt @grapthar


BONUS 5 Weekly $PIZZA Holders

These 5 bonus winners are drawn from holders with >= 500 $PIZZA


Congratulations! Enjoy your bonus rewards of 3%!
@efastromberg94 @splatts @forykw @jacuzzi @huzzah


Daily Winners


Congratulations! You have won 5% of your $PIZZA holdings back in additional $PIZZA!
@definethedollar @badpupper @hivediver @savvyplayer



If you'd like to follow along the $PIZZA token journey, here are the last 6 updates. (check out my blog for all $PIZZA related posts!)

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You can also check out the HIVE.PIZZA website here.



We are not associated with and do not endorse the pizza finance project on BSC. If we do explore BSC, we will announce it here first and it will likely involve our Governance token.


Join the Discord and $PIZZA NATION

Join our curation trail here

Vote for us as Hive-Engine witness here

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