#QotD: Do you prefer to post with your mobile or with a laptop?

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I am rather new to PoB, so wanted to start out by making some posts that would help share who I am, and get to know some of you fine folks on here.

The Question of the Day is:

Do you prefer to post with your mobile device or with a laptop?

It's a simple question of preference.

I like using my laptop, because I regulary have stuff I'm saving and copy\pasting, like links, etc. I find that easier with a mouse.

For writing speed, there's two trains of thought here:

  • If you're fast at typing, then a keyboard rocks it.
  • Speech to text has improved to the point where you can speak conversationally and have it come out right.

Device preference also depends on where and what type of posts you write. If you're an Actifit user or prefer the outdoors, then it's mobile devices obviously.


I spend a lot of time indoors, due to my work from home job. :) So I like to work on my posts in my breaks and on lunch and after work while I am on my laptop. Plus I have a nice desk setup with multiple monitors and my open laptop with a decent mic.

I have started using dapplr to keep track of some of my favorite folks while I am out and about.

Your turn. Leave a comment below! Mobile or PC for posting on hive?

It's your turn. I'd love to hear which way you like to interact with hive blockchain.

What is #QotD?

QotD (Question of the Day) is a new post series I am starting, where each day there's one question. Comment away! It's a great way to grow and discover more about the people here on the Hive Blockchain.

Make sure you leave your own answer and comment on other folk's replies here too! It's how we grow. :)

I use the following tags when posting because I stake all 4 of these tokens and upvote content on those frontends with this account:

  • proofofbrain and pob - This is a new one for me, and I am enjoying the concept.
  • ctp - This is my home community. I am an affiliate marketer, and there is no better place on hive than CTP.
  • leofinance - Because I post my results in my @threesteps weekly posts about my returns, staking, apr, and account growth, I bouth some #leo tokens, staked them ,and have begun using the Leo Finance space as well. Love it.
  • I stake Hive as well, but I don't have a 'specific' hive-centric community I use. I just keep collecting these shiny hive crypto and staking it. I also purchase Hive weekly as part of my account growth.

All rewards received in all 4 tokens are staked, growing the account daily. :)

Look for a new post each day with a new question.

Enjoy! -Rob

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Absolutely without question, my laptop! Everything is so much easier to see and all my keys are in the keychain. I am not out and about that much anyway.

Yeah, I am a hybrid really. I read and discover on my phone, and write and comment\curate on my laptop.

Interested in how @flaxz does it.


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Thanks for the mention Rob, I use my phone and my tablet, and if I want to write something long I prefer my tablet which has a bluetooth keyboaed and mouse, otherwise it's more down to where I am.

You know I wondered if you used a bluetooth keyboard. I was thinking of getting one for my tablet so I could write while sitting on my couch with my wife without dragging my laptop out. I think I will look for one today. You rock, sir. I was just reading your whitepaper.

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Thanks Rob, and for your support of the miners, and good luck getting a bluetooth keyboard.

Yeah I got a nice one. I've upgraded my home office since I spend so much time at my desk.

I have a new deskchair, keyboard, mouse, and now headphones. I already invested in decent mic. I also got a tripod stand for my desk for my phone for my videos. So I think I am all set up at this point.

That is fantastic to hear, keep using them too and enjoy your Sunday.


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

I will sit on the couch with my phone and scroll through things and mark the posts and other things I want to look at further. But to do the work I get on my laptop because it's just easier. I think @flaxz uses his phone and a tablet. That's my recollection anyway. Roy calls the cell phone my electronic pacifier. 😂 I rarely just sit and watch TV or a movie. I am either scrolling on the phone or knitting or crocheting. I am unable to sit with my hands in my lap and just watch TV.


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I get that. I keep my phone running near me all the time. I work from home, and even when I step away from my PC, I still have my phone open with our work chat software running on it. :)

It's funny! We are all old enough to remember not having these devices in our lives much less than them being so common. And yet it is difficult to imagine not having them and how we got along without them. 😀

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Indeed. I remember how innovative cell phones were, and the first time I saw a 'bag phone' in someone's car.

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My former father-in-law was a doctor and had one of those crazy huge phones in a bag. It was so funny looking. And very expensive at the time.
Have a great weekend. 😀

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I do all my Hive posts on my laptop. The only Hive-related stuff that I do on my phone is the occasional video, but I haven't done that for a long time. I had a Hive-related app my previous phone (I forget which one now) that I used to upvote posts but not to publish any of my own content.

Ahh. I've started recording video on my phone, then I upload em to 3speak. I use dapplr for reading content when I am out. I enjoy their interface.

I hardly ever do anything on mobile unless I have no choice. I have my workload split between my laptop and tower :-)

Gotcha. I had a full virtualization lab here with 5 hosts (servers) running ESXi and around 30 vms for a while. Eats up some power cost thought.
I gave the lab gear to a friend since the software company I work for gives us huge amounts of cloud space to repro issues in. I do have one server left here where I do some testing, and run minecraft java server for my son, and run my NAS from it.

Having commercial equipment in our home networks is great fun lol