rebirth || Original Poem

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For a long time a song is buried in my mind
If you see deserted streets, then you have asked for rebirth.

I have a million excuses to tell him.
He has many memories to be silent with.
What is the use of echoing in the deaf world!
Those who have salt in their fist, what will they know.

If I sleep with a moon in closed eyes
The night is again full of days throughout the night.

How many sages have cried even before me.
Everyone has lost the meaning of half age.
His songs returned in his ears.
There is veiled renunciation in the deserted of exhausted defeat.

forget i will never be able to come back
Now every shade I have got a Bodhi tree.

ask me to write you ever
What is the heartache of flower with thorns?

object virtual
Every mirror wants to show.
a vowel
One of the differences is surrender.

of war
Be it the beginning or the end of the chant
What is the custom of inviting in the sound of conch?

in every story
The web of destiny is woven like this.
the great man
He has always chosen sorrow.

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