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RE: Tips for Starting Your Dropshipping Business

I just watched your video again with a mush less burntout brain and have since been diving deeper into....EVERYTHING! Lol...

So I'm in! The seed has been planted and I am just working out exactly how it should grow as I already have my own online store through Redbubble, (and Fine Art America) which if you haven't heard of them are a Melbourne Created, San Fran based POD and do everything, except supply the designs for the 77 different products that they facilitate the manufacturing of, without using sweatshops and ethically sourced- some of the products even come from the US, as well as The UK, NZ, Aust, Hong Kong....

Unfortunately, doesn't matter how much I promote it through different social media feeds, I don't sell much. I know that there's a lot of competition on it- supposedly there's about 400K+ other artists on there, but still, I've got 170 deigns on

And this Dropshipping that you speak of....Hmmm. very interesting...
Would/could Redbubble be considered to be in this realm?

Anyway, my head is just trying to clarify the best way to develop something. Any ideas?

I would love to chat sometime if we can.

Thank you so much @thelogicaldude, @hivelist you're a freakin champion! 😀


Glad I could plant a seed. Please feel free to contact me on Discord if you want to chat about your business.

Yes. Yes I definitely ht you up on Discord asap. Not tonight. I've been editing all day and my brain is fried- I will try sometime this week. Trying to get this edit finished asap......🙄

thank you by the way! 😊