Tips for Starting Your Dropshipping Business

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If you are looking for a business model that can bring you easy money? Well, finding a good dropshipping wholesaler can be a great step in the right direction. But what is dropshipping?

Essentially, dropshipping means that you are selling products that are completely warehoused and fulfilled by a third party. You find a distributor to work with, place products they offer up for sale with a profit on your site, or sites like eBay, etc. When the customer orders, the product needs to then be ordered from the vendor, this happens manually by you or automatically from your website if you are using something like Shopify or WooCommerce. The distribution company then ships the items out to the people who bought them through you, you pay the fee to the distributor and keep the profit.

This is a nearly flawless system because it means you don’t need to worry about storing the products, about fulfillment or about manufacturing. There’s not even an up front investment! At the same time though, the company you’re selling your items through will remain quiet and unseen and you’ll get all the credit for selling the items through your own store.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can go wrong. And it doesn’t mean you should abandon all caution. Here are some tips that will help you ensure your new business venture goes smoothly…

Be Aware of Fake Dropship Companies

There are some companies out there posing as dropshipping companies that aren’t the real deal. These companies will often buy the products from wholesalers and then dropship them to you! That means that you’re paying an inflated price which will hurt your bottom line as well as your turnover.

One thing to be careful of is companies that also sell to the general public. Another warning sign is that the company is asking for a recurring monthly fee. Real companies don’t do this!

Know What to Expect

That said, you may still have to jump through some hoops when setting up with a legitimate partner. One issue is that they might require proof that you’re really a reseller – otherwise they might be worried you’re just a commercial customer looking for the best possible deal.

Something else they might require is a minimum preorder. This is to avoid wasting time with companies that will do a lot of talking but then never pass on any significant business. This isn’t great if you’re trying to avoid upfront investment but it may be a necessary evil. To avoid having lots of inventory lying around though, ask them if they can use it to set up some credit with their store.

Check the Quality

Never sell products from your site blind! Not only will your customers be unhappy but it can also damage your reputation and prevent them from buying from you again in future. Always ask to see at least one example of the product first that you can check over and speak to a representative about what quality control measures they have in place to avoid problems!

Choose the Right Product

Of course it’s also rather important that you buy the right stock! This will vary depending on your industry of course but a good place to start is by looking for something that solves a simple and concise problem that your customers have. This will be easy for you to communicate and explain, which makes it an ideal place to start if you’re opening up a new store!

Hope these tips help you when thinking about getting started in a dropshipping business!


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Very interesting article. I were really interested in these industry also for some time ago.
Especially right now with the virus going on, e-commerce is getting stronger and stronger here in the Philippines.

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Thanks, yeah, that is why I am starting to really put focus and help people point themselves in the right direction. I think a dropship business, if done correctly, can really help a person in this new pandemic world. At least it is an easy way to get exposure to online commerce, then grow from there!

Really amazing to learn about Drop-shipping from you in the last two days. Thanks. I'm finding this an interesting research area as I plan my E-commerce website launch. Besides, I helped onboard a new user @Eldecor who's interested in Importation/exportation. I recommended Hivelist to him that he could find here useful.

Thanks @Uyobong for recommending Hivelist. I will endeavor to learn about and also engage the Hivelist.

Would a shopify store be good?

yeah, you can do dropshipping with Shopify. There are companies that have automatic syncing with Shopify as well as WooCommerce.

To add on to this, the Hive payments plugin only works with Wordpress and WooCommerce

Dropshipping is an interesting business, especially if it can be done with no overhead to you, I have not yet looked into it, but I will keep it in mind for the future, thanks for your tips about it.

I just watched your video again with a mush less burntout brain and have since been diving deeper into....EVERYTHING! Lol...

So I'm in! The seed has been planted and I am just working out exactly how it should grow as I already have my own online store through Redbubble, (and Fine Art America) which if you haven't heard of them are a Melbourne Created, San Fran based POD and do everything, except supply the designs for the 77 different products that they facilitate the manufacturing of, without using sweatshops and ethically sourced- some of the products even come from the US, as well as The UK, NZ, Aust, Hong Kong....

Unfortunately, doesn't matter how much I promote it through different social media feeds, I don't sell much. I know that there's a lot of competition on it- supposedly there's about 400K+ other artists on there, but still, I've got 170 deigns on

And this Dropshipping that you speak of....Hmmm. very interesting...
Would/could Redbubble be considered to be in this realm?

Anyway, my head is just trying to clarify the best way to develop something. Any ideas?

I would love to chat sometime if we can.

Thank you so much @thelogicaldude, @hivelist you're a freakin champion! 😀

Glad I could plant a seed. Please feel free to contact me on Discord if you want to chat about your business.

Yes. Yes I definitely ht you up on Discord asap. Not tonight. I've been editing all day and my brain is fried- I will try sometime this week. Trying to get this edit finished asap......🙄

thank you by the way! 😊

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