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RE: Why Dropshipping is Better Than Affiliate Marketing for Building Your Brand

I can see your point, but I’ve learned from @jongolson that this exact reason is why an affiliate marketer needs to have an email list.

Without an e-mail list an affiliate marketer doesn’t have a business, probably just a bit of luck.

When building your list, you should also work on your personal branding, so that when you introduce your list to a new affiliate product you found, they are inclined to believe you and trust you.

Also you should be careful what products you share, in order to build that trust.

This way an affiliate marketer, just like a dropshipping business can build a brand and a group of loyal followers.


This is true, I am just a bigger fan of the dropshipping model than the affiliate marketing model. I feel you are building more of a personalized business than just sending people to someone else's product.

I understand that and it is a really different kind of business. In affiliate marketing the product is you.

Also the eat-your-own-dogfood mantra is pretty common.

As a dropshipping business you are more able to let the business be something apart from you. A separate entity.

The distinction you make between digital products in affiliate marketing and fysical products in dropshipping is one that I recognize.

That would be the biggest reason for me to start a dropshipping business: the tangible products that you work with.

Have you got any blogs about how you started your dropshipping business? I’d love to read more about it.

I have had several different sites in the last. I will make a little write up at some point as to how I started the journey.

Ah cool, I’d love to read it.