Happy Son & Dad - Selfie #20

in Faces of Hive8 months ago


I create a dad joke video daily with my son. I've been posting them both on Youtube and 3Speak.

I also created a personal challenge for myself called #DoNotBreakTheChain.

It's simple: Each day that I write at least 25 minutes on my email auto-responder, I place an X on my calendar for that day. The goal is to do this every day and create a chain of X'es on my calendar, and NOT break the chain.

It's an easy way for me to work toward a goal of increasing my revenue by improving my autoresponder.

When I do so, I reward myself with an uploaded #selfie here on the blockchain.

This photo is me and my son when we recorded today's dad joke of the day. We've recorded 87 of them now, and most of them are on 3Speak. :)

I also tag these with #ctp so that my marketing friends see that you can promote all kinds of things on the blockchain, and if done right, it all works.

Peace and Love,