My Traumatic brain injury made today a hard one. Here's my Selfie #19

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My Traumatic brain injury made today a hard one. Here's my Selfie #19.

I reward myself for working on my email auto-responder by posting a selfie.

You see, I have this personal goal called #DoNotBreakTheChain. The goal is that each day I should spend ~ 25 minutes working on writing or improving my autoresponder emails.

So, when I do this, I place an 'X' on my calendar for the day. The goal is to do this every single day, and thereby creating a chain of 'x's on my calendar. So far, I did 25 days in a row, took 1 day off, then I've now done an additional 4 days. So for the past 30 days, I've worked on my autoresponder for 29 of them.

As a reward, I post a selfie on Faces of Hive. I only have 19 of them because I started this reward system after I'd already been doing my challenge. :)

Anyway, here's one of me at my desk. Enjoy.

Peace and Love,




Great goals Rob and good job

Thanks. I am trying. Even on the rough days you just get up and keep going. :)

Is that "Settlers of Catan" on the top shelf behind you?

Why yes, yes it is. :)

I bought that a few years ago. My son and I love to play board games. I put that one 'up high' on the shelf so the pieces wouldn't disappear.

Right now though, we are working through the new 5th edition DnD rules.

He's 11, and it's fun to watch him learn these complex games that I also enjoyed when I was a kid.

You're a man after my own heart. I love Settlers.

When I started playing DnD, there were only three books. The Players Handbook, The Monster Manual, and the Dungeon Master's Guide. I have lost all track of the game now. I haven't played in over 30 years.

If you like card games with complex rules, check out Redemption from Cactus Games. It is similar to Magic, but has a Christian foundation. The object of the game is to redeem lost souls (much harder than it sounds).

Great post and goals, glad to know your OK, I was beginning to worry. I hope things get better.