Meet Ezra, my cat!

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Ezra, My cat only likes fresh water.

Yesterday I hooked up this water fountain for my cat. He only likes fresh water. If I put water down in a bowl, he won't drink it. Yet if he sees me at the kitchen sink, he wants to come by and have a drink.

Sooooo, problem solved. :) He seems to like his fountain. I told my wife we'd need to really clean it well once a week or so, since I don't want bacteria growing in the bottom of the fountain.

I get that this is a #selfie group, but he was so cute I just had to post his photo.

What's quirky about YOUR pet?

Leave a comment below and tell me what's strange, weird, or quirky about your pet. :)


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Oh, one more item: I'll add the #leo tag on here since this cat is here to prove the following:

Can you blog on the hive blockchain and earn crypto. Yes. What you DO with that crypto is up to you. Me? I am staking it all and growing my accounts. Ezra the cat up there benefits by the upvotes and comments on my posts because the more I earn, the better cat toys he can affort. :D Cat-lovers will understand.


Okay but my cat with likes to get up on my chest and you're my face and make me rub and pet his face when we go lay down in the evening. He knocks on the back door screen they come in and runs on the front door to come in relation front of the refrigerator he likes to go and hiding grocery bags for hours and hours sleep on top of my coat and stuff. He wakes me to go outside my dog doesn't we had a fountain but it was a cheap one and he couldn't drag it way across the kitchen let's start using the surrounding heavy Big bowl bowls for the water easy for me to clean wipe out oh yeah he also eats on top of a small dining table

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