HivePosh is Genius - Why I'm upvoting every post in the HivePosh community

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Hey folks,

I recently made a comment on Twitter:

It’s increasingly apparent there are thousands of people who need Hive and have no idea it exists.

You must be aware of recent events and accelerated social media deplatforming. There's a huge opportunity for Hive at this moment, and the role of marketing is to reach these people and convert them into Hive users. Find the people who can benefit from Hive and who can add value to the network, and onboard them.

Tweeting into an echo chamber or buying ads achieves this slowly. Using a targeted hashtag will draw some eyeballs and a few curious minds may click through and discover Hive. In my experience this approach is not very effective.

Here's a different approach, which I think is genius. @theycallmedan and @acidyo recently launched a grassroots marketing community called #HivePosh. Before posting to this community please, please read the explanation post here:

The idea is to find someone on Twitter or other platforms discussing niche topics related to Hive: decentralization, deplatforming, censorship, free speech, etc. Reply to them politely to mention Hive and why they should know about it. Add some hashtags and maybe a gif. Then drop a post in the HivePosh community showing what you did. Then others in the community can help boost your tweet. It's like 24/7 twitter madness.

This initiative is genius because it's incentivizing the Hive swarm to do what is needed: to find the people who can benefit from Hive and add value to the network, and onboard them. I encourage you to read the instructions and make your first HivePosh post. Look at examples posted by @cryptosimplify, who's the most prolific HivePosher so far. I think this approach can be very effective.

It can be even more effective if you join in and help out. It's just getting started and I'd like to encourage more of our Twitter hustlers like @nathanmars, @geekgirl, @bil.prag and @traciyork to contribute.

Instead of some central marketing team or DAO proposal running ad campaigns, this approach utilizes the strength of the Hive network. It mobilizes the HiveSwarm by creating incentives for beneficial marketing behaviors. Since HiveSwarm is made up of all volunteers, it is always challenging to get people organized towards common goals. I think the incentive of receiving upvotes or tips is a good solution to this problem.

CALL TO ACTION: JOIN the HivePosh community and help the world discover Hive

Here is my first HivePosh post for example. SEO_Chase has 23,000 Twitter followers. Replying to larger accounts increases the chances of getting some eyeballs.


Happy hunting!,


Yep, the next step seems to be multiplying the likes of our marketing comments to raise visibility. Especially under the most renowned accounts where HIVE Tweets might get lost among others.

my take on it is write only about what you believe. mentioning hive just to mention it feels shilly :D it could be effective in some cases for sure.

Please let me know if I sound too shilly.

I do believe in Hive and believe it can help people.

This is a good point.

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Yeah, as long as you're knowledgeable about hive and understand what true censorship resistance means with side moderation in communities and front-ends, it covers quite a bit of the issues facing centralized platforms right now.

Just going like "HIVE" in a comment and acting like some tron bots won't get rewarded and might end up doing more damage to Hive. No need for that when we have the real thing.

Thanks for the mention.

I am only trying to help spread Hive for everyone

Great work, don't slow down. I love what you've done so far. Let me help you however I can.

I will try to do the most I can ;)

Yeah well, drop these actions into the HIVEPosh Community

EDIT: AH it is, sooooooorry !BEER

We are doing a fantastic job my man. Keep it up!

Hive all the way, baby!

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