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Hello people it's Sunday and it's really nice out my husband is trying to cook outside the temperature thing keeps fluctuating take a few pictures of my dog out and back he hasn't been out there very much here's some photos of her and one of them is her trying to see if she can see any cats as there are cats that are either other people's cats and some Ferrel. Also inclusive photo of our back view so you can see a little bit of the sunshine
the blue sky. That's my cat at the back door that's what he knocks on to come in and plus it keeps a dog from running out when the doors open I got one here from a while ago he likes to sleep here on this dresser


This was today's winner

Another thing
There's a game that I try to play it's about music and I believe it has music on it if you want to listen to it and it's called like you're starting out playing on the street



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Very great work for your cat

Thanks he is amazing