I am alive challenge day 1: First 3speak post of many to come

in I Am Alive Challenge6 months ago (edited)

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My first post on 3speak! Really excited to start something new, hopefully I can find ways to make this super fun.

Starting off by joining the i am alive challenge. This should be interesting to keep this going but I’m gonna make it happen.

Shoutout to @flaxz for starting the challenge!

Let the journey begin!

▶️ 3Speak


Woo hoooooo! So great to see you here!!! I missed you & hanging out on your Periscopes haha!

You chose a great challenge to get involved with to get your feet wet with the different dapps of Hive. @threespeak & @ecency are great ways to start, too.

Let me know how I can help when you need it & welcome to the #ctptalk community once again :) Keep going - you got this! :) 💚

Yeah I’ve been off of all my socials for a while. Just been pretty busy but I’m getting back on it.

It all starts with hive though! But yeah I miss trolling the trolls on periscope. Streaming was way too entertaining to not do it again lol

HA HA HA oh that was funny. You would get some of the most epic trolls, too ha ha. It took it to a whole other level!! :)

And yes, unplugging from social is a good thing sometimes. It can get a bit overwhelming so I get it :) Hive is definitely the best place to be! 💚

Welcome to the Challenge! Nice to have you here. I was never consistent making videos till joining this.

Sounds like I’m headed in the right direction then I really hope this is the thing that does it for me as well

Hello and Good Morning, @bigtakosensei! Yes, you are and again, great to have you here and thanks for joining us! 😀

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Great to see you alive and well @bigtakosensei, and nice video on 3speak, very welcome to the #IAmAliveChallenge, and you are right it is a great way to build consistency, stay safe, awesome and alive.

#IAmAliveChallenge join us on Discord, and check out our Hive Community and our guide, I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide.

Made in Canva

Thanks man 🙏🏾
Yeah even if I don’t update every single day I feel like I’ll be able to get quite a bit of videos out and learn different techniques and things

Great challenge though

Thanks, and great to have you here.

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