Giveaway on I Am Alive Challenge - It is day 49

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Hello everyone,

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So apparently @flaxz in conjunction with the I Am Alive Challenge is giving away 10 Hive. Read about it. This man never stops amazing me, how he supports the community and keeps coming up with great ideas and rewards. My hat is off to you my friend.

Thanks @robwillmann for jumping into the Curation Trail. I hope you will help spread the word. I just adjusted your settings in my Up to 20% post vote for one blog post a day. But I do manually curate also ;)

I hope people reading this that are not part of the trail will think about it. You even get a shout out now and then. Below are the 18 wonderful people in the trail.


And to repeat what @flaxz has in his update, just so I can give a shout out to the people:

Here are the 48 people that have joined so far, not including myself.


Thank you all for taking part :)


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Have a great day all.


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How do I join?

Read the blog post that @flaxz posted. It is all explained. Link to it in my post.


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

This give away thing is becoming a trend. Maybe we need a gambling site on the hive, LOL. Good to see that more are following the trail.


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

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More rewards are always nice to see!

BTW, I have put a higher % of upvote to the trail... I hope it will help.. ;)

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The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".



#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

Fantastic. Every Little bit....

Great work Bradley, keep it up.