Growing growing growing...

Good day all,

Did you sing that title in your head? lol


I am re-using a graphic this morning. Why? Because of the fantastic team work and how all the puzzle pieces are coming together. I want to welcome @guurry123 for being the latest member of the Curation Trail. As a member you will receive at least 1 up vote a day from me at 25 percent and because there are 38 people now in the trail you could receive upto 38 votes on your blog post. This is getting great, mind blowing even :)

My typical morning, running low on time before I have to go to my day job. So excuse the shortness of this post.

My Dolphin Dream: 2401.026 HP. 5K needed leaving me with 2598.974 HP to go in the next 147 days or 17.6800952381 HP a day! I WILL DO IT.

Please visit and take a look at the product offerings at My Hive Swag Store. @nathanmars your's should be there soon according to the tracking! :)
Cannot wait, hope you will take a selfie and send me or post and let me use it.

Short little post.

Have a great day all



Thanks for welcome....
Its nice to a part of trail and CTP community...

And thank you for being a part of.

And thank you for being a part of.

@bradleyarrow, Definitely title is singing in the mind.

Good wishes from my side towards your Hive Journey. Stay blessed.

Thanks you also


your's should be there soon according to the tracking

Looking forward to it :)

Nice graphic :)