Hive Guide & Dolphin DreamingIAAC 163

Morning everyone,


Firstly @jongolson has done it again. It's Crypto Mondays - The Launch!
and what did they launch? The Hive Guide. Cannnot wait till I have time to dig into it.

My Dolphin Dream: 3943.804 HP. Leaving me with 1056.196 HP to go in 108 days. Or a daily average of: 9.77959259259 HP. OMG. Single digits. I WILL DO IT.

Short and sweet this morning.



Wait, so how DO you make ~10HP per day? I'm new to this thing :(

Time. Showing up every day. Postings every day. I do videos every day. It takes time to get known. Surround yourself with good people.

I'm making videos, not really a post kind of person, but a video a day is impossible for me to be honest :( I joined HIVE with no background, just got drafted in to help with a game. Admittedly, @exodegame is great, but still a small community and not that active at the moment.
Thanks for the tips, will try to expand a bit my network, get the word on eXode to more people out there and maybe promote my 3speak channel a bit :)
Have a great day ahead and good luck with reaching that milestone!

Good luck and thanks.

Hi bradley , Dolphinhood is well within your reach :)

Made in Canva

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Getting there ;)

Wishing you tons of success in reaching your goal Bradley You Got This