I Am Alive Challenge Update day 48 - Happy Poop!

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Good day everyone,

*made with canva

Now that is one happy sexy look pile of shit! lol Ya trying to grab your attention. Did it work? Will I get a comment out of you? We will see!

Before I jump into the update I just wanted to review a few things about my day. What I do, my first two hours, how I make some money online. You can choose to totally ignore everything but I feel there a few people out there in the Hive world that might benefit from my ramblings.

First thing I always do when I start my morning is log into my Click Track Profit. Daily log ins are tracked there. There is a nice little graphic that shows you. Let me grab a screen shot.


I think it is pretty cool, just that little tiny bit of incentive to log in everyday. The next thing I do is the Scavenger Hunt and looking for Luke the Builder. You have to surf five traffic exchanges to find him and complete the daily task. I send all traffic to my My Lead Capture Page. You can read about this morning activity on my Luke is Alive Post.

Once done that, if The Gauntlet was not part of the scavenger hunt, I surf at least 10 pages, upvote five other comments and review at least one persons website/splashpage. Great Stuff!

Then I do my first Hive post for the day. My Luke is Alive post.

Then I jump over to Leads Leap. This is a fantastic site that @flaxz recommended to me. I have my Lead Capture pages there. You can also surf for traffic there. So I log in, check my list, see if grew and surf a few sites to get some more Free traffic.

After than I check my 'missed mails' in Traffic Leads to Income. I am an upgraded member there so I earn good credits for each email I check out. And I am then able to use those credits to blast out emails of my own to thousands of people to get them to my Lead Capture Page to build my list.

Holy Happy Poop eh?

Then I check out to see how the Curation Trail and thank everyone that is part of it.

I then check out @flaxz's latest I Am Alive Challenge update and report to you that we now have 49 members including myself!

All in all I usually spend about two hours on my lap top. Still got a video blog to do and get that uploaded. So as you can see I try and keep busy!

Here is a shout out to the people in the challenge:

Here are the 48 people that have joined so far, not including myself.


I hope that gives you a little insight into my day and maybe encourage you to join me in a program or two.

If you are having a shitty day, put on a smile and a bow tie and it will get better.


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Traffic Leads 2 Income

Have a great day all.


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