I am just very happy to be alive in these challenging times . IAAC 159

Hello everyone,


I know that is an interesting title but it is true. Nope nothing wrong I am just thankful. As for the first time since I been watching daily cases of Covid19 in the world. It broke 300,000 new cases yesterday. Mind blowing. It really is and not in a good way. Then I come home from work and find that my wife was surprised with a visit from her grand-daughters, one not even 2 weeks old yet. So see I am happy to be alive in these challenging times. Find the good in the bad people.

I want to welcome @successchar to our Curation Trail family. We are now 46 strong, only four away from the goal of 50 I set. Before I have to update the goal.

My Dolphin Dream, I missed yesterdays update. I have 3772.101 HP leaving me with 1227.899 HP needed in the next 112 days. Or a daily average of 10.9633839286 HP.

If you watched my video yesterday you will know why I never did a typed blog post. I still cannot get over that! lol.

I would like you all that have not to visit @nathanmars post Day 173 of BUIDLing HIVETWitter together and Why We need to focus on Growth ? and highly encourage you to join the HIVETwitter movement.

That is it for today people. Stay safe.



Yes, it is mind blowing numbers isn't it, but there's also so much inconsistency and uncertainty to the whole thing as well...I don't know what to believe and who to believe because so many numbers are being inflated and so many are being hidden..crazy isn't it.

Great that you're alive, with your wife and able to see you family!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! 😀

Take care and stay safe.

Thanks. And yes. The only thing you can be certain of, and numbers be damned. Is the people who personally have gotten sick or have loved ones that have died. That is where the truth lies.

Yes so true. And even then it's hard too because of the recorded causes of death...😶

Thank you and I'm glad to be a part of the trail!

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