Offline & Online Life - You have to mix both - IAAC 160

Good day all,


As I have started to do, I record my video before my typed blog post on the weekend. Just seems to be away to get my mind in gear, the ole brain working. As the title says remember to strike a balance between them both. I never thought I would say this but your offline life should be your number one priority. I know at times, even myself, it feels like all your time and energy should go into you online world. Building Building Building. But trust me, strike that balance and do not let your online over take your offline, friends, family.

My Dolphin Dream, thought I would should a graphic from the last week before I give my daily stats.


I love to see those big jumps ;)

As of this writing I have 3786.353 HP leaving me needing 1213.647 HP in the next 111 days or a daily average of 10.9337567568 HP. I WILL DO IT. I will try and get that in single digits also.

Being Saturday as well I am hoping some people will take the time to check out a few things I do.

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It is the reason I am here on Hive, the I Am Alive Challenge and on CTP Talk. Great program. I cannot say enough about it.

The Curation Trail we are 46 strong and growing. A fantastic way to passively grow your HIve Power.



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Nice program.... best of luck for your Dolphin dream...

Great progress towards Dolphin. I agree that it is important to keep the balance between online and offline. Good luck in reaching your goals.

Only 1200HP to 5K? That's awesome!

Yes, finding balance between the offline & online life is important. I never had a problem with this fortunately. :)

Have a great day & thanks for sharing!

While this is true, it's very hard to do. If you have a job outside of the house, there is not always a balance. You may have to work extra hours or on holidays and birthdays and you don't have an option. So in my opinion you must treat your business just as you would the outside job. You may be able to take some time on holidays and birthdays or even incorporate your business with those events, but it is still difficult to balance it evenly. I feel your business must come first sometimes because this is your job.

Also, what are a few other things you do besides hive and your curation trail?

Click Track Profit,, always working on my house. Day job. ;)

Great progress, Bradley, good luck for the rest of the year!

Thanks buddy 😁

For the last couple of months now my offline life has taken priority over my online life. Not in a way I would have chosen but I am grateful that I have been able to prioritize my family. That is what I really appreciate about having an online business.


Good update and yes it is important to get a balance of offline and online life

Sometimes we get overwhelmed. It is like having a balance between professional life and personal life. Again what you are doing online, that's important. Do you use the internet just for fun and keep in touch with other people? Are you doing a job online or building your business? Then you can set your priority to make a balance.

Thank you @bradleyarrow for sharing this.

That's a nice jump in HP Bradley, I think you will easily be Dolphin before the end of the year.