Random thoughts as Hive rises! - IAAC 126

Hello everyone,


Let me start by saying I am only playing with trying to make a logo for My Hive Swag Store. If anyone got any ideas and/or wants to try and build one for me, I would not turn it down.

There seems to be a lot of positive stuff going on.


This is a graph of the last seven days for Hive. We seem to be having a little rally. About time in my opinion. Maybe all your hard work is paying off @nathanmars ;) It is really great to see.

Still talking about Nathan, thanks for agreeing to send me a pic of you in your swag that I could add to the Picture area of the store. As more people send in their selfies of themselves in their swag I will add them. Maybe as an incentive I can add your onboard link to Hive with the pic. What do you think?

My Dolphin Dream: I am at 2429.545 HP leaving me needing another 2570.455 HP in the next 144 days. That gives an average of 17.8503819444 HP a day to reach my goal. I WILL DO IT.

Seems like a short post. But there is so much on the go. Off to try and do some intergration with My Hive Swag Store and Click Track Profit.

Have a safe day.



I’m so proud of you Bradley.

Let’s keep moving forward together with our Hive


Made in Canva

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Thanks Nathan. That means a lot to me. Forward we go.

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Keep up Dolphin to be :)

Thanks. A lot of swimming. Lol

Yep great to see that Hive is in an uptrend now Bradley, it's gained massive support by all the projects and dapps and activities with more active users, and great to see you crushin it with your store and your road to Dolphin, keep it up.

Thanks 👍