When you online efforts don't seem to be paying off - IAAC 164

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I am getting in the habit of doing my video blog first lately. It gets my brain going and helps with doing the typed post. In the video this morning I talked solely about myhiveswag.store. And what so far, a couple months in, seems like is going to be a failure. As I said in my video, myself, and I am sure others, "sugar coat" how they are doing sometimes.

I was so excited when I launched the store, so excited when @nathanmars bought a shirt on the first hours of launch of the store, that he let me put up a picture of him proudly wearing his swag on the store website. So exciting. I thought, wow, if I can get a well known, hardworking Hivian like Nathan on my first day this is going to be fantastic.

Well a couple months later (I know that is a short time in the business world) my excitement has gone out the window. The good news is that besides my time. it is cheap to run the store. I was realistically hoping for a min of a couple sales a month. But to stop sugar coating things, I have got zero since Nathan. So over the next week I have to put my thinking cap on and figure out what I want to do.

If all else fails I will consider this a learning experience and move on.

On to my Dolphin Dream report (that makes me happy). 3962.579 HP leaving me needing 1037.421 HP in the next 107 days. Or a daily average of 9.69552336449 HP. I WILL DO IT.

I hope you all did not find the beginning of the post to negative. This is part of learning, learning what works, what does not, and building your business online.

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I guess you might be able to learn few tips from


For sure . My focus to narrow and my time to limited. I love what he has on the go.

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