I Am Alive Challenge Post #16

Hellow fellow #IAAC members!

It is great to be alive and and I have been enjoying my weekend!

Made A Second Garden Bed

I wrote a few days ago that I had gotten some "used" garden beds, and had been able to make 1 bed out of the two. Well after thinking about it some more I figured out how to get a second, some what shorter bed from the rest of the wood. So today I put it together and got it set where I want it.

Here are a few pics of the garden.



The three to the right are the ones I had built last year.

The bed I just built is the one in the top left, and the one from my earlier post is in the bottom left.

My tomatoes are looking good. I am training them up a line by giving them a turn around the line every few days.


The garden isn't as shady as it looks here. These were taken in the late afternoon and it gets a lot of morning and early afternoon sun.

Yard Clean Up

My wife and I also did a bit of burning on a big stump in the garden area. You can see it smoldering above. We had to have a bunch of trees cut a few years back, and this massive oak stump is right in the middle of the new garden area.

It has seen many a fire on it, and is still looking pretty strong. I'm thinking I will build a fire pit around it, and just have fires there and sooner or later (more likely later) the stump will be burned up.

Stay Safe, Stay Awesome, and Stay Alive

Hope you had a good and productive day. See you all tomorrow!




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That is some great work man, and I hope you get a good harvest too, tomato plants are looking great so far, enjoy your Sunday.