I Am Alive challenge Day-325 Recent highlights and update taking covid-19. 6th May 2021

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a peaceful day ahead..
This is my iamalivechallenge update that is happening around me.. After traveling for 5 hours continuously, I reached my home town today. At present, the holiday of summer vacation is going on, which will be for the next 45 days.
In the evening I was eager to go to my farmland. Therefore, after reaching home, completed the formalities first, after taking a bath, changed clothes and went towards the fields. After spending 1 hour with the lush green environment, it turned dark and returned home. In this pandemic period it is the most safe and suitable place where I can spend my time. It is a peaceful place far away from the crowds where mental peace as well as physical fatigue is overcome.
Hope life has been going good for you..

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Hello dear friend @certain good afternoon
Without a doubt, it is the best thing you could have done, nothing better than being at home surrounded by nature, far from the focus of infection in the city. Congratulations
enjoy your stay very much

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Hello dear friend @jlufer
Really enjoying this beautiful nature and peaceful atmosphere..
I am happy that over than one month I have to stay here..
Thanks for your valuable feedback..
Have a great weekend..