Day #80 and I have been busy, positive and so productive and progressive LATELY in the I Am Alive Challenge Community

in I Am Alive Challengelast month (edited)

So just finished a brilliant Live meeting on Discord with @Achimmertens from Germany, @basilmarples from London and Tennis Coach extraordinaire @yohan2on from Uganda about next steps in moving forward within the #charity community on Hive, as well as planning our charity dApp and if you want to read more about our discussion, then please check out @achimmertens latest post here which summarise the points that we talked about, as we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions too!

Support and assistance in whatever way you want is always welcome in this endeavour, as we are Forging ahead to use the unlimited potential of the Hive to create a better world for all, so please feel free to help us share the love to the rest of the world from the Hive.


And speaking of #Charity, @elkezaksek posted this wonderful update of her #charity in the #LadiesOfHive community. News about our fundraiser for Uganda! - Neuigkeiten unserer Spendenaktion für Uganda! and you can read about it here and see how far so little effort can go


And I would love you to welcome @jhovanna from the #LadiesOfHive community who has only been on the Hive now for 3 days! My presentation for the ladies of Hive a you can read her great intro post here.


Today I have also been studying.

Studying what you may ask- at my age!

Well, the Hive that is. Because I am now so invested in it. I believe in it, and that is all because of you folks! 😀😀😀😀

And I know that If I want to become better at it, more successful on it and use it to it's absolute fullest potential and power, then I want to know all about it (plus I'm just a damn curious person anyway, I have always liked to know how things work...).

So today I have been watching the brilliant online tutorials that @JonGOlson and @blaineJones from the #CTP community created for beginners and as we still have a couple of weeks to go to onboard our friends for this months onboarding challenge to grow the Hive, then this is the perfect #HiveGuide to show them.

So please jump on in, learn something new and valuable, or just refresh your memory. This is free and as I said the other night, any education is great education, especially if it's free! AND especially if it's designed to help you become a more successful...#Hivean.

I don't know about you, but I know that I want my future on the #Hive (which is the hand) to have the sun shining down on me like this statue you here that I photographed on my #wednesdaywalk How about you?

statue and sun.jpg


So here I am, Alive as I #thriveOnHive on the #HiveBlockChain in the #IAmAliveChallenge community created by the gorgeous @ErikGussafson known far and wide as @Flaxz who created the #IamAliveChallenge community for all of us around the world to come together to celebrate our victories and commiserate with each other in our losses and share the love, the I wouldn't be here at all and neither would you!

So if you want to know more about this warm and compassionate community then read more here and you're welcome to join in and share your stories, fears, dreams, successes and failures with all of us.

And a HUGE, big fat welcome to all of the daring and adventurous people that have just joined us to #thriveOnHive! 😀 #Hive5 to you guys!😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊😀😊

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow to see #WhoIsYourHero!

So I look forward to meeting your hero and until then, please be safe and well, and look after your family and friends as good as you look after #MotherEarth and all of her furry, scaley, hairy, feathery, wiry, soggy, slimy, tiny, enormous, hooved, clawed, webbed and padded footed children too! 🐠🐃🐌🕷🐍🐓🦆🐸🐁🐿🦋🐢🐞🦍🐈🦆🐥🐜🦑🐛🐄🦇🐪🦏🐳🐊🦀🦌🐖🐢🐏🐋🐝🐒🐙🐠🐃🐌🕷🐍🐓🦆🐸🐁🐿🦋🐢🐞🦍🐈🦆🐥🐜🦑🐛🐄🦇🐪🦏🐳🐊🦀🦌🐖🐢🐏🐋🐝🐒🐙 So #WhoIsYourHero!

And this brand spanking new logo was made by the very talented @doze, so thank you @doze, you are a true an absolute gem And I LOVE it Thank you!!!

And unless otherwise stated- ALL photographs are my originals taken by me sometime in the past decade or so somewhere in my travels and as such, ofcourse they are subject to all international IP and copyright laws and I may have already used them for my own commercial purposes here And here, So please ask first if you want to use any of them thank you 😀

If you have made it this far, then you are absolute champions and I thank you so much for reading my blog tonight and I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

❤️❤️❤️❤️All love and support from you in whatever way is greatly appreciated!❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you very much!!!!
I wish you a nice weekend!

No, thank you once again @elkezaksek!

And unfortunately my weekend is almost over, bearing in mind though, I have not had to go OUT to work for 6 months really the whole 7 days is almost like a weekend, with a lot of editing and other work in between! 😀

You take care and best wishes too you and all of your extended family!

The Hive Guide is a great new free resource for us to use to spread the word about Hive.

Good luck with your Hive-related projects!

Yes, exactly that. now I feel much more confident to tell my friends about it.

And thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog, I really appreciate it! 😀

You were busy and all around! So many great initiatives on #hive!

I like the statue in the photo... May I know where is it?

Well, as they say Zoltan, there's no rest for the wickeda and I say the weary too.

Or you can sleep when you die. Living is for life. Like you. You're out and about IRL and on Hive and Twitter and everywhere, so you and sound wayyy busier than me!

I was thinking about birthdays. Starting a birthday topic to celebrate everyone, but there might already be on in here I just haven't looked yet..

Also that statue in in the grounds of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

I'd Love to take you on a tour one day as you are more than welcome to come and stay with me when Corona chaos calms down... 😀

Thank you for your answer! I heard about the Sidney Myer Music Bowl but didn't know that this statue is there...

And regarding your invitation, it's a bit far from Europe, but if Hive hits $10 everything can happen! Don't be surprised when I knock on your door! :)

Yeah there's some great events that happen there, so when it opens up again, I'll take you there!

And the whole surrounding area is just so truly outstanding.

We are so damn lucky to have such a huge space fill of so many diverse natural environments in it- literally right in the middle of the CBD- well across the river anyway...

And if we Aussies can go to Europe, then surely Europe can come to us- well it usually does, but you better come and knock on my door before I hit Spain next October for my big Birthday!!! 😁😁😁😁

so happy to have met you on here and hang out in the ladies of hive where I met you and seeing all the different facets you are exploring and enjoying. You have a GREAT attitude and stand out in my opinion and really, your enthusiasm is contagious especially for a jaded (sometimes all biz type) like moi. For the record I love the emojis, look my grammar sucks and people sometimes joke on it but the point is.......did the message get conveyed!
Rock on @chocolatescorpi

Thank you darling I really appreciate it and it doesn't matter how jaded a person is (and trust me, I've been around the block a few times and there's definitely a long, long, lonnngggg list of people that I would be very happy to see the backs of ...) but I still like to use that jadedness and turn it into a positive.

It actually makes me fell better anyway, so really, it's a very selfish reason I do it...😁😁😁

And it's doesn't matter about the aesthetics- cause it's all about the messgae and if people are judging the aesthetics of something, then their are too shallow themselves to see or hear the meessage.

Like my doco. It looks like crap, I have no doubt about that (we call it polishing a turd..) but it's not a 10 billion dollar Hollywood blockbuster made by a thousand people.

It was made by me and me only with zero budget and I didn't make it to look absolute extraordinary (though that would've been damn nice...), I made it to get a message across.

It's the core substance which is the most significant, meaningful part and beauty is the icing on the cake and soo many times that icing has tasted like crap...

amen to all that, a lot of smug ass people who think their shit 'don't stink' lulz
great comment


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