greetings and I introduce myself to the #alive community

While claiming some tokens I noticed a striking small logo of a heart which informed me that it was a creditor of 0.963 #alive tokens and although I do not have exact details about this community of equal I present myself to the entire #alive community, those who already They are part of it, I hope I can not only be part of it but also contribute by contributing what is now my most valuable resource, knowledge. Greetings to all present and I say goodbye not without first wishing you the best of success.

If someone from the community gives me information about this tribe, the use and its rules would be great and I would be enormously grateful!


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Great to see you in the We Are Alive tribe @clicmaster, and to answer your question of what it is about then check here, We Are Alive - What Is This Tribe About? - And What To Post Here?