Iamalivechallenge #14/06/2021. Going back to School

Good morning to everyone across the world, how is the Monday morning. Over here is as dope as always just that here in Nigeria, there is a public holiday so must people have an extended weekend, lol.

I thank God for his breath of life over me, once again it not by my power that I woke up this morning. God is at work, you might not see him working but take a deep breath, and feel his presence in the cool breeze that blows, in the faint sun that rises, in the slow movement of the trees, from the birds that sing in the sky, the natural flow of water in the rivers and many more natural occurrences around. Then you will know that God is always at work.

Today I will be traveling back to school, I pray for Gods infinite protection and for a fun filled journey down to school. I also pray for peace to be with you reading through.

This is my 24rd post on the alive challenge initiated by @flaxz. And I am happy to drop this post knowing that my existence today is by grace.