One Love D.Tube Hats Now Available at Meck Designs & - I Am Alive DTubeSnap Dec-27-2020

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What's up DTube? How you doin' Angels? My name is Cam and I go by @d00k13 most places. This #DTubeSnap and #IAmAliveChallenge Video I am giving an update on Meck Designs and my adventure into launching a Merch shop by end of year. Proud to say that the embroidered hat selection is complete with many colors available in both black and blue and red text with the #OneLoveDTube Heart. I discuss how I play to offer these items on OneLoveD.Tube available for purchase only with #HIVE. What I neglect to mention is how I plan to offer them at a discounted rate when purchasing with Hive or any of the Hive-Engine Tokens, Soon Too Come!

Get Yours Here!! -
Meck Designs -
purchase via #HIVE & #Hive-Engine
OneLoveD.Tube(COMING SOON) -


  • Added One Love D.Tube Hats
  • Listed on &

Goals Yet To Achieve

  • Make Drop Shopping Sale
  • Reach 100 Followers on Facebook
  • Have a local business endorse our product via displaying business cards or signage
  • Break even with expenses
  • Create a multi tier revenue stream digital presence

Action Plan

  • Create and added One Love DTube, Hive,, etc ... Merch - by end of year
  • List items on
  • Contact local privately owned business's & make regular appearances
  • List on Etsy
  • Amazon & Ebay listings
  • Start creating digital goods for sale, eg template and walkthrough video downloadables

Goals Previously Achieved

  • Create a fully functional webpage and Facebook shop accepting ETransfer/CC/Debit/Crypto/Paypal
  • Break even with cost of new sewing machine
  • Broke 1000 views on several Facebook posts
  • Daily Duties (research/sharing/engagements/posting) to Reminders on iPhone
  • Add items which can be made to order (knitting)
  • Make a large $100+ sale - we did x2

My plan for today is to try get as much of the One Love Collection done as possible and listed on both my personal page and our business page Meck Designs. From there I will attempt to get the Hive payment processing working on OneLoveD.Tube and the items listed. Seeing as the issue I am having is just the automatic syncing of Printful to Wordpress it shouldn't be to hard but may not be possible by the end of this year... hopefully I can find some further info on an easy way to reset the link beyond what the available FAQ states.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!!!

That's It, @D00k13 Out!!!

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▶️ DTube

Another great step in the bright future of both OneLove and DTube alike.

HOLD to the moon, fellas.

Amen Buddy, Thank for stopping in 😍 hopefully we can get a DTube payment processor set up 🤞

Bro that would be grand!

Shouldn’t be too hard with the processor just a matter of creating the gateway

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Great to see you alive and well Cam, and a really nice video too, and fantastic that you are building a shop, I assume you are also looking at for taking payments in Hive and HE tokens, it has basically all of them, and very welcome to the #IAmAliveChallenge, stay safe, awesome and alive.

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Yea man it will be hive pay and I hope to get the DTube peg token on Hive-Engine to even allow processing in our native token 👍 why build from scratch when the tools exist right?

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Exactly, and a DTC peg would be great to have, I wish you an awesome new week.

People are so focused on the big exchanges but IMO they don’t add anything but security risks ... seems to me like the hive-engine system is more secure and relating towards trust of hosts & gateways ... we the leaders are elected into power right? That’s trust imo!

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Hive-engine seems to go towards decentralization too, they do have a proposal for it, not sure if it will be funded, but I would not be surprised if they go through with it anyways.

Nice, very Nice!

Nice, very Nice!