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Hey Hiveans,

This is @daniky from Nigeria, welcome to my blog. Today is Friday, the 11th of September 2020 and the day 7 of my entry to the #IAmAliveChallenge, an initiative brought forward by @flaxz.

This is yet another day that I am Alive and thankful to God and humanity amidst the current global pandemic. Though this day have been a busy one for me so far, i can't but make this post at this moment. I see the world becoming a better place soon, those on isolation getting back on their feet, the economy system gradually regaining back it full strength in the cryptospace, Hive getting more appreciated rather than the persistent depression in monetary value, job seekers getting employed to better places and life being worth living for us all.

So lets be optimistic and keep our hands crossed and on deck as we hope for a better world from this day onward. Wishing covid19 patients around the world a speedy recovery, and those affected by this adverse pandemic in any way, I pray your heart find comfort and greater restoration.

It's quite another wonderful moment with you guys. Like i'd always said, please lets ensure we abide by the health and safety guidelines given by the World Health Organization (WHO) , Center for disease control (CDC), other health agencies and your primary health care provider. Maintain the rule of law and order, maintain social distancing, use your face mask and avoid crowded places.

Please stay safe, stay strong and stay blessed.
Thank you

My usual appreciation goes to @flaxz for this wonderful initiative @iamalivechalleng for featuring me on the daily spotlight, @jlufer, @bradleyarrow, @postpromoter,
@kpine, @invest4free, @sirenahippie, @maddogmike, @louis88, @detlev, @wehmoen, @tipu, @chocolatescorpi, @curie, @smasssh, @imfarhad, @zuerich, @jeffjagoe, @hope-on-fire, @kpine, @payroll, @daltono, @team, @russellstockley, @rituraz17, @starstring01, @fredkese and others I'm yet to mention here, for your love and support. I love you all.

Please, also do good to check on my post "Life is a network" and "my day 6 video" of #IAmAliveChallenge on #threespeak. Kindly follow my blog @daniky for more update.

Your support, reblog, and comment will be well appreciated. Thank you🙏








One Love from @daniky


Good bro keep it up👍

Thank you bro😊

Here in Ghana, people have started being familiar with the coronavirus and no longer want to wear nose masks. They rush to wear when they see security forces coming.

lolz. Same here too in Nigeria 😀.

Africa for you

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