IAAC DAY 201: the weather is tensed




Its another day on the land of the living and am glad am alive. And thanks to @flaxz for bringing up this Initiative.
The weather here is very hot here in Nigeria. Rain has not started falling here but there are some part of the state that rain has started falling. To go out is very difficult and also at night the heat is not bearable before morning I take shower twice because if I didnt do that my bed will get soak with sweat. What make me get angry the more is despite the situation there is no electricity. So before we go to sleep at night we stay outside till 11pm at night to recieve fresh air. This is what we have been facing since two weeks now. During the time we wait outside we watch flim on our phone.



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hello dear friend @ femcy-willy good night
I am very sorry for the situation you are living there, I understand what happens to you here, the same thing usually happens
stay safe dear friend

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