IAAC DAY195: My goal for the month of March

I guess is not too late to say happy new month.



This is my goal for the month of March, before the end of March I want to have 1k HP. I am currently at 900 HP. Though is small many may say but achieving it i will no t be at my current state. I don't want to be stagnant i want my HP to move up also.
I watch as @iamraincrystal celebrate her 10HP with an ice-cream. I want to celebrate my 1k HP also with an ice-cream 😀😀


Its not too late to say happy new month even on the last day of the month. So long as the date will never exist after that day.
Yeah, she's achieved her goal and I see it as a motivation to others who struggle to move higher in this blockchain.
Thanks for sharing and lastly, happy be month to you.

Thanks so much for your comment @ddn688. It really motivate me to work towards that.

Okay. Good one.
Have a nice evening.

Thanks so much @ddn688.do have a lovely night rest.


Congratulations on being the spotlight today
I am sure that you must be so delight with this achievement. I am still a toddler compared to your HP lol
Wishing you good luck with your target.

Thanks for your comment @rupinder. With time you will get likewise am still toddler to some. We just have to continue to strive for better

@femcy-willy congratulations for being selected for today's @iamalivechalleng spotlight! 2MAR21! All the best in your success as you move forward in your goals!

I can't be a good motivator for you in this regard because I am far behind to reach your target. However, I can wish you good luck so that, by the end of March, your HP will reach 1k.

Good luck.

Thanks so much @hafiz34 foR that really appreciate

@femcy-willy, its never late to celebrate a new month.

As long as you have a goal, small or big doesn't matter. It keeps you focus.
if you get more than your goal it's added bonus too. So its a Win-Win

Yes, do enjoy an ice-cream, when you cross your goal.
And, i would love a bite too :-)

Take care and stay safe

Definately I will do that. Thanks so much @imfarhad for your comment

Congratulations on achieving 900 HP and very best of luck for 1000HP.
Hope you will be able to achieve your target in the month of march.
Engagement is the key. Keep engaging and keep progressing :-)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Great to see you alive and well @femcy-willy, and that is a fantastic goal you have set, and I very much hope that you will reach it, keep up your good work and stay safe, awesome and alive.

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I also want a lot of of HP congratulations for being in the spotlight!

Thanks so much @solymi for your comment