Softlaunch - Hive Video Masters - +6 Success - IAAC #225

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on 3speak, CTPtalk and Hive.

Softlaunch - Hive Video Masters - +6 Success

In this video I talk about Plus 1 Success and it's day 6 so also +6 Success.

On day 6 we are encouraged to start something new, and this means it is a great time to softlaunch the video mentorship program that have been brewing a bit in the background.

It is called Hive Video Masters and a bit later in the evening I will invite the first 2 Padawans for this, and the Masters will start to mentor their Padawans in how to start making videos and how to keep growing as a video content creator.

It's a softlaunch since it is still in Beta phase, and we will keep adding features and adjust how we work a bit, once that is worked out we will make a general invite public.

Watch the video to get more details.

I Am Alive - Day 225

It is now my day 225 for the #IAmAliveChallenge, and you can read how it started and how to join in this guide, I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide.

This is all about celebrating that you are alive despite the hard times we now live in, and to share that with the world and the Hive blockchain, you are alive, and that matters.

We Are Alive!

Enjoy Watching The Video!

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Stay safe, awesome and alive!

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Hello friend @flaxz good afternoon.
This is good news, it will undoubtedly be a success, I think many people will join the visual content creation course.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon and a happy start to the week, have a lot of fun

Thanks a lot @jlufer, yeah once we open it up to everyone I hope that many will use it to start making videos, or to get better at it, I wish you an awesome day.


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Congrats on starting the project! I'm sure the Beta will go well.
And even if it doesn't, the first step has been made, and that is an important part to success.

Thanks man, and do check your Discord every now and then, just a tip.


Thanks for the tip. 😅 I check it at least once a week now. With so many things to keep track of in my daily life, Discord can overwhelm sometimes.

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Okay I'm only here because I'm looking for people to look at blogs at and make comments on so I don't really know because right now I'm not doing anything on my computer because it's updating is that the class what class are you in I'm in the really low class

Ok have fun at it, as to classes we have Padawans as students.


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Thanks for the mention

Keep up your great work.

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You're welcome @flaxz, nice work as always!

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