Scams - Don't Believe Everything - +5 Success - IAAC #224

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on 3speak, CTPtalk and Hive.

Scams - Don't Believe Everything - +5 Success

In this video I talk about Plus 1 Success and it's day 5 so also +5 Success.

On day 5 we are encouraged to connect with someone new, and I saw a post from someone that I had not had that much connection with, not sure why, but it's @jacoalberts and here is the post he made, It's Too Good To Be True.

In that post he writes about scams and mentions a South African one which is where he lives, and that people bought into it since the President was featured on it despite that being a lie.

So therefore I also took the opportunity to share of a neighbor that got caught up in a Nigerian Prince scam, the oldest one in the closet basically, and you can hear more details in the video about this.

We get scams in the email, and on Twitter, Telegram and Discord, just to name a few, they might promise that you have just won a lottery that you have never heard of and now you just need to pay a fee to get the payout, and many other kinds of tricks.

The main theme is that most of them promise something that seem too good to be true, and in 99.99% when you hear that it is, so be careful and on the watch, don't talk to them and just delete their messages.

Watch the video to get more details.

I Am Alive - Day 224

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This is all about celebrating that you are alive despite the hard times we now live in, and to share that with the world and the Hive blockchain, you are alive, and that matters.

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Yeah..There are so many active scammers in the internet. So we must prevent from them because they basically target to stolen our money. One time I got scammed from scammer and lost over 200 steem that time. Then after I carefully most about scams and deleted every e-mails and messages what I didn't knew them personally. Thanks for talking very important conversation with example. Stay safe and have a nice day.

Thanks a lot man, and it is sad to see all this, and I am sorry that you fell for a scam, the great thing is that you learned from it and are taking precautions to not let it happen again, take care and I wish you an awesome new week ahead.


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This is why being well-informed is so important nowadays. People all over the world can phish and or scam you right from their own home.
Another way to combat this would be to learn to always separate business from personal. Some people get lured in by the emotional tactics the scammers use, instead of handling the call or mail as a business transaction and nothing more.

Coincidentally, I've been watching a lot of videos from this youtuber 'Kitboga' who basically just prank calls these scammers and waste their time in hilarious ways while they try their scam script on him.

Yeah the emotional side is dangerous, let's make fun of them instead, a much better tactic and keeps them from being productive with others, I wish yo an awesome new week ahead.


The throw humor at everything tactic has never failed me. :)


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Thank you for spreading this message for people to be alert and careful. Thank you also for mentioning my post, it is highly appreciated!

I absolutely love the statement you make in your vlog... "if I haven't played I haven't won something. As simple as that".

It is as you mention in your comment on my post as well, unfortunately, there will always be people falling for these scams and we can't save everyone.

Thanks once again for the mention and as you say, we should connect more in the future. Have an awesome Sunday!

Thanks a lot for making that post and spreading the warning about scams, it's important to inform people so that they do take care and are careful to not get into them, maybe some can be saved, see you around and I wish you an awesome new week ahead.


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You're welcome. Thank you for the ENGAGE tokens! I appreciate it indeed!

this is great topic for awareness and most of us gone through this type of situation for sure because this is crypto market and you have to be careful and prepared. Well i was never trapped in phishing because i double check before clicking on any supicipicious link.

My friend lost 500 hive and the person who taken hive fund that username is @skales007. I am sharing his/her wallet link here so you guys know about it.

It is great to hear that you have not got caught in any scam, neither have I but I also make sure to take precautions, and I am sorry that your friend got into one, thanks for sharing the account who did it, take care and I wish you an awesome new week ahead.


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Ahhh scams abound here too.. Via SMS text! Someone would text that your SIM won some lottery that you never joined 😝😝 also there were a few who would send codes but that would send them load instead 😂🤣 I simply block those numbers and at times feature them on FB or IG stories 😁😁

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Yeah through SMS was like 10 years ago that I heard about any here, but if it's possible to use it to lure people then some will use it to do that, and nice that you share it to others and warn them about it, I wish you an awesome new week ahead.


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Hi friend @flaxz!
Absolutely great topic..
I also has been the victim of such scammers in my initial crypto journey. that time I lost my 5sbd.
I think in initial time we do not take the things seriously.. we think that we are honest and rest the world also be honest..
Time and circumstances after such incidents teach us a lot which makes us completely alert for the future.Sometimes even in the absence of information, such incidents happen to us.As we learn, we know how to identify good and bad. Also try to stay away from such people.
Have a great Sunday..

Thanks man, and also thanks for sharing about your experience with this, I am sorry that you lost that sbd, it seems that most people only wake up after they have been scammed themselves, so it might be a good thing that you did not lose more later on since you became more careful after the event, I wish you an awesome new week ahead.


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How are you friend @flaxz good afternoon
I love the work you are doing and how you tackle new challenges each day.
Unfortunately the web is full of scammers, they always find new ways to approach people and make them fall into their traps.
It is always good to visit someone new and hear from them.
I appreciate that you let us know your daily strategies
I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful night and a good rest


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Thanks a lot @jlufer, yes you are right the online world is hosting a lot of scams and we do need to be watchful so we do not fall into those traps, and also warn others about it so they know about them, I wish you an awesome day and a happy new week ahead.

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