Funny Monday - Whaaaat?!? - +7 Success - IAAC #226

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on 3speak, CTPtalk and Hive.

Funny Monday - Whaaaat?!? - +7 Success

In this video I talk about Plus 1 Success and it's day 7 so also +7 Success.

On day 7 we are encouraged to connect to others even more by reblogging and retweeting something from someone else, and very late last night I watched this video from Zoltan, @ph1102, where he has fun on my expense, The CTP Breaking News .:. Erik Has a New Project!.

And today I retweeted his tweet about it, do watch the video it's kind of fun.

Apart from that there is some more funny things, or tragicomic, we just got the announcement today about more restrictions starting from November 24, and from then public gatherings are restricted to 8 people, it's 50 now.

I am not yet sure exactly what impact this will have for me, but there will be some, probably not any financial impact though there are also other things that can get impacted, so I have to see about that.

This evening I also have the Awesome Weekly Spotlight and all payouts to delegators to complete for @thisisawesome which will take some extra time, so I need to focus more on that today.

Watch the video to get more details.

I Am Alive - Day 226

It is now my day 226 for the #IAmAliveChallenge, and you can read how it started and how to join in this guide, I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide.

This is all about celebrating that you are alive despite the hard times we now live in, and to share that with the world and the Hive blockchain, you are alive, and that matters.

We Are Alive!

Enjoy Watching The Video!

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Stay safe, awesome and alive!

Erik Gustafsson

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hello dear friend @flaxz good afternoon
I am very sorry how things are changing in your country due to the corona virus, the situation is also very complicated here.
I really like the work you do, and it is undoubtedly very productive to interact with other people for growth.
I really appreciate that you mentioned my post
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

Thanks a lot @jlufer, yeah really sad to see the cases growing like this, and the restrictions which might affect me very much, my living situation means that I am dependent on public power outlets to charge my electronics, I wish you an awesome day.


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Thanks for the mention, Erik! It was just for fun, and I hope that it didn't offend you in any way... ;)

Regarding restriction, they suck... big time... We are dealing with all possible combinations of restrictions from February/March, and I'm sick of them... Unfortunately, the end is not near... But, we will see... We have to find different ways to cope with them...


Thanks Zoltan, yeah the restrictions suck, and in my case even more since my living situation means I am dependent on public power outlets to charge my electronics, I have a really big power bank with a big charger for it, 74Wh and charging at 65W, so on average I need to charge that one hour per day and then I have all I need for charging both my phone and my tablet, we'll see how it goes here, I wish you an awesome day.


I hope that it will not be a total lockdown as we had in Spain in Spring... I think that Sweden is still in better shape than Spain...

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Haha, having fun at each others expense, that's how you know who your real friends are. 😂

From 50 to 8 is very troublesome indeed. That's going to have a lot of repercussions for small business. I truly hope it will have some impact, but they also did it in my country and it didn't really do much. But that is mostly due to people not following the rules in place. But then again, having your freedom restricted is not an easy thing to deal with, so I understand.

Thanks man, yeah the thing is we never had a full lockdown in spring, and these measures are harder than the ones we had back then, and this is not a full lockdown either, our constitution actually prohibits that unless there is a war, but I am sure they will try and find a way to go around that, I hope that we will have the vaccines here in January, that will put a stop to the virus, I wish you an awesome day.


I hope for a global virus stop soon. As long as I can keep working from home. 🙃

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