The State Of - Free Speech - In My Country - IAAC #229

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on 3speak, CTPtalk and Hive.

The State Of - Free Speech - In My Country

In this video I talk about how free speech is doing in my country, and this is in response to, State of Free Speech In Your Country // Hive Community Leaders Initiative // Task 6 from @hiveangelists.

I got to know about it from @pixiepost see her video here, In Response to "State Of Free Speech In My Country" | Pix Vlogs - Special Edition, and also from @ph1102, see his video here, Little Big Signs .:. State of free speech in my country, empty pockets, and more....

So I am living in Sweden, and I have noticed lately that the movement to restrict what is said in public has picked up pace a lot with the entrance of Covid-19.

Sweden does not really have any major social media natively, and therefore regulating the major foreign ones falls for the most part on the European Union, who is pushing for more censorship.

As to major Television, Radio and Newspapers, we have a state owned network of TV and Radio, plus a lot of privately owned TV and Radio channels and lots of different newspapers.

That might look good on the surface, but all commercial TV, Radio and Newspapers are owned by 2 Corporations, one of them by a rich Swedish family, and both of them with part ownerships from Wall Street banks.

That they all have kind of the same agenda can be seen when you see the same copy and paste news in all of them, plus they all collectively go hounding against anything that is not seen as politically correct, and this is what is seen in the public room.

So fighting back against censorship is very much needed, and it's one of the major reasons for why we need decentralized solutions such as Hive and 3speak.

Watch the video to get more details.

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Thought free speech was something enjoyed by Europeans and Americans. I do hope it’s better than what’s here.

It probably is better, not sure how it is in your country, here we can say what we want and not go to prison unless you're a nazi or calls for violence, but the public debate is just a theathre where people with approved opinions are paid to promote their ideas in the mainstream media, but if you say anything that is not politically correct and it happens to reach beyond your own echochamber then you will have your entire life analysed and anything that is not in line with the PC culture will be put against you, logical arguments are not something that interests them, they will just go after you personally and then attach that opinion to anything bad they can find.


It’s much better here too. Previously you couldn’t criticize the government in any way, now it’s going well.

It is great to hear that things are moving in the right direction in your country.

Definitely. Things are much better now

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Hello dear friend @flaxz good night
It is worrying how they manipulate the information that they send us, there is no longer as much freedom of expression as is thought, without a doubt more decentralized platforms are needed to defend our rights of expression. Excellent post
Thank you very much for appreciating the work we do in the orchard
stay safe and take care dear friend
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

Thanks a lot @jlufer, yes blockchain and decentralization is very needed to defend against censorship, and censoring is very much on the rise now, which is really sad to see, I wish you an awesome weekend.


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thanks a lot, i have to practice my pronuntation.

Just keep practising and you will keep on improving, and have an awesome weekend.


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Thank you for the shout out, my friend. I am really glad you made a video about this as well. The more awareness we all spread, the better. Unfortunately, some people are still not "awake" to this & it might help those who are still not seeing this growing issue....

Censorship is no joke, that's for sure. It always has been a problem but before, it was in subtle ways. Now, especially with 2020, it has been so blatant I don't know how people don't see media is just the tip of the iceberg...

You're right, too - the banning of views is a red flag...we didn't see it as much here either until this year... but unfortunately it's part of their plandemic and agenda.

Tools like HIVE, LBRY & decentralized platforms give me hope that we all have the power to change things for the better and actually BE the change. The less power we give to the mainstream centralized places, the better...

As always, I appreciate you! Thanks for jumping in & being a voice in our fight for #FreedomofSpeech :) 💚

Thanks a lot Pixie, and yes censorship is both more visible and also pushed harder than before, and why we need to keep on building the solution where that is not possible to happen, it is great to have you here, always the pep talker and with positive words, I wish you an awesome Sunday.


aww thanks so much, my friend. You are an inspiration yourself & I am grateful for our friendship! 🙏💚


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The government always tries to control the media directly or indirectly. People have freedom of speech. At the same time, the government makes its move in a smart way to have control over everything whether we realize it or not. It is a blessing we have decentralized blockchain-based platforms to express ourselves the way we want. Thank you @flaxz for sharing this.

Yeah that is correct, and why it's so important to keep spreading decentralized blockchain to the masses, people are both aware of censorship and they are starting to see it as normal, which is very dangerous.


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Thank you Erik (@flaxz) for recommending my post.

Thanks Farhad.

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