Unfinished Business & Friday Money Talk 2 | IAAC 176th

See that wall I was pointing to? Yeah the handiwork of the maintenance guys yesterday. Then, they left just like that. I did say I wonder if they knew what they were doing. 🙄🙄 now, we are left to wonder some more...

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I know it's me. I just have this thing for folks who do not do their work well. But what do I know? I'm not from maintenance, right? 🤣😂

Quick afternoon talk as I show you what the maintenance guys did on the wall on one side of the terrace. Like, duh?! 🙄🙄 moving forward, it's another good day in the city. Apparently, the storm has come to pass. I will, however, need to remember to water the plants later. (quick mental note to self)

Friday money talk this week is on budgeting. Do have a list of fixed expenses and variable expenses, so you'll be able to handle the budget better. What I do is include savings and miscellaneous on the list, so even non-essentials get budgeted. It helps not to go overboard and will leave some more cash after payday, until the next paycheck comes in. Of course, having an extra source of income on the side also helps a lot. I know I need that too.

It's the weekend once more. Wait, what? Yeah, my weekender video comes tomorrow. Have a great weekend! Ta-tah!

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I'm not too much a shopping person, but I know that making a LIST BEFORE going to the shop is a MUST... Without doing that, you will probably buy a lot of things that you don't need...

So, budgeting is an important thing to do... These are hard times, and we should watch our expenses...

Word. Totally agree, Z! I'm not a shopping person either. 😂🤣 it helps to watch your expenses. 👍🏼👍🏼

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I like how you talk about budgeting here. It really is essential to do these days. Budgeting is something I have been doing for years, with tweaks here & there of course. Savings was one thing I learned to do first like that phrase "pay yourself first before anything else." Even if it's just $5-$10 each time, it adds up...

Fortunately, I do have an emergency fund but I still try to save money as well to keep adding a little to it. It really comes in handy for when you least expect it!

Have an awesome weekend, girl! :) Enjoy your day off & make sure to do something for yourself, too :) Love you tons! 💚🤗

thank you 😊😊 indeed so many things waiting to be done. I could do them daily but that will leave me with very little energy to do what I need for myself.

Budget needs increase due to cats & kittens 😂🤣 so it's back to the drawing board once again 🤔🤔 I'm sure I'll figure it out 😉👍🏼

Take lotsa care 😘😘 enjoy your weekend! Hugs to lovable Timmy 😻😻

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Ha ha you are so funny..I am reorganizing my budget a bit too..I found the website chewy.com for pet food & supplies. Some of their products are a bit costly but since Timmy already has a bed, toys & accessories, I only need to buy food & litter. I can save money just ordering those 2 things on there instead of outright grocery store. Yay! I always get excited finding bargains he he...

Good luck with yours! Sometimes it can be fun reorganizing things..it's like a clean slate & brings in renewed energy 🙌🧚‍♂️💓

Have an awesome weekend too, sister. 💗💖😘

I subscribed to a plan that will deliver monthly. Plus I will get free every six months. Sounds like a good deal since it's COD and I didn't have to pay fees in advance. Being cat mom does change my lifestyle. It's a good thing I'm not much of a shopper really, as I have extra for the cats. 😹😹

Reorganizing for me is therapeutic. So is decluttering. I've been doing it for quite some time, but have only committed to it beginning 2018. I'm aiming for minimalism, but I'm still a work in progress.

Enjoy your Sunday! 😘😘 talk soon... Take care!

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