If Life Were As Easy As Q&A | IAAC 146th

It's the middle of the week! Woohoo! I swear that each day passes by too quickly! The latest good news is I finally found someone who will be repairing the broken window screens! The bad news is it costs quite a few. 😒😒 I do so hope it will be of good quality to last a few more years. Then, it will be worth it. Planned work to be done this coming Sunday!

So I mentioned about joining #hivechat on twitter last night. It has become a Tuesday night habit for me. Thanks to @hiro-hive, last night's host. It was another fun hour-long event participated by quite a number of #Hive owners who are also actively engaging on twitter. If life were as easy as Q&A, huh?

I have not shared the details before, but for today, let me share some of the questions and my answers to them. Screenshots from twitter #hivechat session last night.

#HiveChat is fun to join in. You get to know more folks from #Hive and that's something. There's nothing like expanding your network and working closely with like-minded individuals. Overall, this will be good for the entire blockchain. Look at that first question. Indeed, what would you do if $Hive reaches $100? 🤔🤔 so as early as now, start planning and working on that future. Keep on growing on Hive. I know it will payoff in the long run.

We all know there's something unique about Hive. What can we do to highlight it more? Real use-case is what an average person wants and needs. There's a supportive and engaging community on Hive. Let's do our part in keeping it strong and growing it bigger.

Not everyone is techy or into techy stuff. I'm not a programmer nor a coder. I'm just a regular person with a story to tell amd share. We all do. Why not share it and inspire others? Or even better, learn from one another in the process. We not only grow a blockchain, we also grow as individuals.

In these trying times, who does not need an extra income or two? But to do what you love and even earn from it, that's a huge WOW!! Wouldn't you agree? I grew up hearing this quote (authorship is debated):

"Find a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

The best way to lead is by example. If we want more people to sign up and be a part of #Hive, we should lead by example and use it often. Most of all, do your best to succeed too in order to inspire others to do the same. Help spread the word and awareness too. I guess that's why I participate in the #hivechat. It's my own little contribution to grow this blockchain.

A quick shoutout as well to @dbuzz the microblogging platform on #Hive. I'm testing out the new features at the moment. It definitely has a lot of potential. I'm waiting for the other features to be rolled out slowly. Now, you can log in via Hive keychain, so do check out https://next.d.buzz.

I'll see you for tomorrow's video! Ta-tah!

This challenge is inspired by @flaxz. Thank you to CTP tribe and the HIVE community.

Four points to join the #IAmAliveChallenge :

  • Tell the world that you are alive in a video, photo, and publish on Hive.

  • Use tags #iamalivechallenge and #hiveisalive

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  • Celebrate your victory every day.

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I have heard about dbuzz and will try that out. Good to see you on hive chat and I saw your answer as well, realistic honest opinion. Finally, your broken window will be fixed :) That's a good thing.
Have a nice day...

You too @priyanarc 😊😊😊 do try out @dbuzz Hive's very own microblogging platform 😁😁 take care!

I know the solution to this:

The latest good news is I finally found someone who will be repairing the broken window screens! The bad news is it costs quite a few.

You should cut the nails of your cats regularly... and the window screens will last longer :) :)

And regarding #HiveChat, it was fun... I was a bit late, but still caught up with others fast... and you did some great answers!

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Oh boy, I haven't imagined cutting their nails at all. Like that would be against the natural order. But that's just me? Haha. I hope they will behave. Mostly they are, but cats will be cats. I'm sure @pixiepost will agree. :D

#hivechat on twitter is fun and indeed a learning experience. But we do have a microblogging platform on Hive as well. I enjoy using @dbuzz. I hope more folks will use it too :)

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Happy Wednesday, girl! I hope the rest of your day is going well! :)

Yes, #HiveChat is a fantastic way to get to know people we normally wouldn't encounter on Hive. I have been blessed to meet a lot of owners outside of my community & reminds me what great people we have on the blockchain. Yes, there's drama, too, but I try to avoid a lot of that lol.

The questions this time were very thought provoking & really makes one think about the future of Hive & how we all can contribute to improving things & growing our family. I don't doubt it will remain a strong environment as long as we all do our part & continue to be a positive example (as you said).

I am glad you got someone to fix your window screens. It always sucks that those things can be so costly but will be worth it in the end!

Hope you & the kittens are well! :) Have a great one & see you tomorrow! ;) 💜

My day is almost over. Just winding down as I'm reading and replying on here. I also tend to avoid drama as much as possible. It can suck away positive energy at times.

Ohh I'm happy to have found someone who will fix the window screen. Somehow that's another item to tick off on my list. It just bothers me when there are lots of pending items waiting to be accomplished.

Our cats are so weird. We have the adult ones and the younger ones. Just these past three days, the younger ones were left all alone. We do wonder where the adult cats went. Then, we just heard the collar bell and went out to find Mini back. Suddenly, even MingMing, the mother of all cats, was also back. Strange indeed! You'd think they signed up for some cat meeting or vacay or something. I've also done kittens inspection tonight. Will be sharing photos and stories tomorrow. :)

Hope your day is doing great! Take care!

I love your posts. I really need to start being more engaged. I am going to work hard at it. Keep up the great work.

You're doing great 😉👍🏼 do join #hivechat once a week. It helps to get to meet more #Hive owners 😉👍🏼

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