Drafting A Weekly Task List | IAAC 144th

Before I start on a new week of drafting another set of task list, let me share some highlights on our two sets of kittens. We finally got to weigh in Grumpy's week old kittens last night. The kittens are still delicate, so we try not to take them out of their box that often. We only do inspections once in a while. They seem to be of ideal weight, and we're happy about that. We have yet to name them, so I welcome some suggestions. 😉👍🏼

On the other hand, cat mom Mowe's kittens are now on week two. She was content in having them under the sink for a week, but now, she has moved them inside Mom's room. Uh-oh! There's quite a pile there, so it was a bit of a challenge in bringing them out for weighing. It's good to see they're growing bigger, but it's getting harder to weigh them as they tend to move around. Riz is a lot heavier than 248g but when I remove my hand, he moves out of the scale. 😂🤣 oh well!

A sample task list I work on usually starts from a scratch paper. I use one wherein I wouldn't mind crossing stuff out. I do have a formatted weekly planner that I stopped using since the great reset happened. I'll share that next time. Perhaps it's time to start using it once more. Ideally, I start my list as soon as my work week ends. There are times when I do manage to get it done on time. However, sometimes I have more chores or stuff happening IRL that I put it off for later. Sometimes I draft each day on last minute, meaning before the day ends for the following day. There are no definite rules, just a lot of will power and discipline to get things done. 😉👍🏼

If you think my task list always looks so neat, think again. 😂🤣 I just wrote that so it looks neat. I will still revise it, add some, cross out some, and sometimes completely tear it up to write a new one once I've crossed off an item or two. 😁😁 some pens and blank papers always surround me in my work area, whether at home or at the office. 😉👍🏼

Have a great week ahead! I'll see you for my Chooseday series tomorrow! Ta-tah!

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Task lists can be a real life saver sometimes! I always have a notebook (at least one) and a pen by my laptop. Sometimes I will use it to write down vlog ideas, lists or just reminders. :)

I wasn't using them for awhile and recently, started getting into them again. It helps me save time since time management can be quite the struggle for me. lol. I also feel more accomplished when I can cross some things off.

Like you, it is a mood thing for me as well. But it keeps me from getting TOO lazy ha ha. :)

Your hair looks awesome btw and the kittens look great too. Funny, Timmy has been a lover lately. He is sitting by me as I type lol. He really knows how to turn on the charm & sweetness sometimes lol.

Have an awesome day, girl & Happy Monday :) 😺💚😘

thanks! At least now I feel that the weird salon experience was at least worth it 😂🤣 and the kitties!! Such cuties indeed!! I hope to be able to watch them all closely. I also wish they will all grow big and strong. 😉👍🏼 awww Timmy is so sweet 😻😻 cat mom Mowe has been staying indoors mostly. So far she's well-behaved. Hope it stays that way. 🤣😂 she hid her kitties somewhere in mom's room... Oh boy!!!

Can't wait to cross out more tasks from the list, but it seems some more take their place. Alas, chores are never-ending 😂🤣

Have a wonderful day! I still need a topic for tomorrow and a Tumblr post too. 🤣😂 take care always... 😘😘

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I just wanted to say how neat is your tasklist... :)
I'm too lazy to do it, but it helps for sure, especially if you do it as you did it... using different frontends for publishing...

I love using different frontends. It somehow spells variety for me. Lately, I get to appreciate being on mobile 😉👍🏼 it's helpful as I get to schedule tasks based on the gadget I use. Truly helps with time management too 😊😊

Have a great week!

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awww thanks so much! Team Awesome is the original...

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Neat and clean List
Beautiful kittens
Name suggestion :

thanks 😊😊 three unnamed little ones 😉👍🏼 thanks for the suggestions. I'll add it to the pool of choices 😊😊

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