Chooseday Thoughts: Overcome Laziness | IAAC 145th

It's time for another Chooseday series. I'm human just like everyone else. There are times when I do want to give in to laziness. I could always blame the weather -- it was raining when I woke up this morning. I wanted to sleep in and just enjoy the cool weather. But no, I got out of bed. I suppose that was a choice.

As promised yesterday, here's my formatted planner that I intend to revive. 😂🤣 no thanks to the great reset, life was kinda put on hold for a bit. Mind you, nothing is as it was here, but we're slowly adjusting to the #newabnormal. I suppose it will take time. Local conditions aren't the best, but at least we do not have the censorship issues like in Australia. I suspect the average person here doesn't GAF (thanks @pixiepost for the acronym) anymore. 😂🤣 It's all about surviving day in and day out, paying the bills, and just waiting for time to pass. It's a great thing I have #Hive and my communities.

So what's my plan to overcome laziness? Simple, throughout the day, I will be running on optimal performance. You know, when your mobile is low on batt and switches to optimal mode to save batt? That's me today. When I get home, I'll do a lot of writing down and creating goals and action steps. This exercise will help fire me up to get excited on what's coming. And yeah, there's #HiveChat on twitter later. I will be participating again. 😉👍🏼

This challenge is inspired by @flaxz. Thank you to CTP tribe and the HIVE community.

Four points to join the #IAmAliveChallenge :

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Pretty normal being lazy
Alive and be lazy
Being alive matters the most
Laziness mode really charge you up
It is kinda restoration!
Happy Tuesday!


I would have loved to have turned off my alarm and gone back to bed this morning. But things need to get done and being lazy and sleeping all morning wont get them done. Great video as always, stay motivated.

Nice view at the background. Looks like you live in a condominium.

workplace. I live in a smaller building 😂🤣

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It is so funny I watched this at this point of the morning. I got up at my "normal" time and even though I am doing some small tasks, I am dragging & just want to be lazy lol. I think I didn't get enough sleep so may take my nap BEFORE Hive Chat. (While fun, that in itself wears me out! LOL)

Rainy days are nice when you just want to cozy up and watch a movie. There's nothing wrong with that occasionally, but as you said, sometimes we just have to push through.

I love the planner. It is so pretty, too. I think I should get back to that, too & purchase one. I have tons of regular notebooks, but not a formatted planner per se. I used to love organizing one and writing goals, etc in them. It was therapeutic & got me fired up for the future.

He he you're welcome for the acronym but we actually have Timmy to thank for that one 🤣 😉 😹 Love you girl. I hope the rest of your day is going well & thank you for sharing your day as always! 💜

And #HiveChat was great today! I have almost skipped it, but I caught up later... :)
I wasn't lazy today but wasted more than a half-day... I don't know where did I lose it... lol