IAAC Day 67 | Find Joy in What You Do

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Mondays are no fun days at work. We're usually swamped that even breaks are rare. Sneaked in a bit of short walk and a nice city view from another angle. You gotta watch it to see it. Awesome!

Crazy weather here locally. It was raining quite hard when I got out for lunch. I always carry an umbrella, so it was no issue for me. I was dropping by the bank but it was full. I didn't fancy waiting outside in the rain, so I decided to do it after lunch. It turned out the sun came out that time. I still had to wait outside the bank though. I inserted a short clip of that wait.

Meet my furry friend guest on today's video too. She's sweet with a bit of wild in her. We love her just the same. Love her green eyes. Teehee.

At times, it's difficult to stay on task if you don't like what you're doing, esp if you're swamped with loads of work. That was the case for me this Monday. However, I decided that I would find joy in what I do. I have been practicing this daily too. After all, it helps me weather any storm at work. I also tend to remind myself that work pays the bills. LOL! While working on my personal goal of financial independence, I will find joy in what I do. I will get there. I just need to keep going. See you on tomorrow's video.

This challenge is inspired by @flaxz. Thank you to CTP tribe and the HIVE community.

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Thanks for a great video Rosyel, and nice cats, I bet they give you a lot of joy, and your advice about finding joy in what we do is spot on, and as to working on financial freedom the best way is to combine it with what we enjoy doing, that way there is no need to stop, I wish you an awesome new week, and stay safe, awesome and alive.

Thank you 😊😊 keeping your suggestion in mind. Have yet to find my niche to focus on 😉👍 stay safe and well too!

I don't think you need to look very far, just analyze what you keep on doing even when you have a small amount of time, your priorities says a lot, stay awesome.

Agree with you... If we are just working and not have time for fun and joy, what's the point?

I didn't know that you "were" a dog person... And converted into a cat person, isn't a way to go...

Go dogs, GO! 🤣


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LOL! Given our current state, it would be tougher to care for dogs. Cats seem to be everywhere in the building and even in the streets. :D

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