IAAC Day 82 | Chooseday Thoughts: Be Tolerant

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Time for my chooseday series! Posting on the laptop isn't possible even as I managed to enable our mobile WiFi, so it's back to the 4G mobile. When life throws you lemons, make a lemon meringue pie. LOL! I can't wait for the phone company to fix the Internet. I have an online life that needs to be attended to.

Today I choose to be tolerant. For a day, I will let incompetence pass. But no, I will not start tolerating that on a daily basis. I have reported the internet connection issue to the phone company. I do wonder how long I will need to wait before the home WiFi will work again. For the meantime, it's mobile WiFi for us. Life does need to go on.

We rescued some kittens! We found them in the big trash can on the second floor of the building. I was aghast at how inhuman some humans could be!!! What came to mind was they were being left there to die! What?!?! No can do, so we brought them to our floor. We'll do our best to keep them safe and fed. I will ask around for their mommy cat. She might be looking for her kitties already.

Lately, I have been doing multiple updates during the day. But when the boss comes back to the office, I'm afraid that my midday and afternoon talk would be cut out. So for now, I'm happy to be able to do them. Teeheehee.

Life happens daily. I tend to be more chatty these days. I think I'm getting the hang of doing vlogs. LOL! Plus, I used to teach, so talking a lot comes within the territory. It's just a new platform as I'm just talking to the camera, instead of real people, in person.

I will be back for tomorrow's video. I hope to have some more updates then. Ta-tah!

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Girl, your posts make me smile! I could write a book on everything you just said, but I won't lol. 😂

First, I am so glad you took those kittens in. It will be interesting to see if you find the mother cat. If not, maybe someone else can take the kittens in once you are done caring for them. Just a thought...

I know exactly how frustrating it can be when you don't have stable internet or phone service. It can be very hard. Anytime I have an issue with either one, I am on the company quick lol. I always tell them I have a business to run, which is not a lie. Most of the time, it seems to make them more responsive. I still have spotty wi-fi as well, but I think it's because we have so many more people online more often in my area now.

Government....pffft. Don't get me going on all of that lol but I agree 100% about what you said about the vaccines, etc. ALWAYS question things. We are slowly breaking out of the matrix so it's good that you're aware & being careful. I know, for a fact, I don't plan on getting any vaccines anytime soon, regardless. I don't trust them PERIOD.

And your final message is so true. We are human & of course, we aren't perfect BUT when we are more mindful of our thoughts & actions, it helps make our outer reality more positive. Be proactive, not reactive. ;)

Love you, girl...sister from another Mister :) Sorry for the book lol ...😂 💚

I super love your comments 😁😁😁 I always look forward to reading and replying too.

Honestly, I don't know how many folks locally are awake and questioning everything that's going around. Most folks are mind-controlled and it's simply useless at times to talk them out of their state. 🤣😂 I would call it blissful ignorance.

I sure hope we get to save these cute little kittens. For now, we've named them Milka, Krema, & Orange. 😁😁 I look forward to the day they can climb out of the box and run around outside.

Happy midweek! Hope the rest of your week will be great! 😘😘

But no, I will not start tolerating that on a daily basis.

I agree with your words...it is important to be tolerant but there are some things you need not tolerate every time. Oh...I see you are good at vlogs already...hahaha...cheers. 😃🤗

😂🤣😂🤣 I think I'm becoming more talkative, not necessarily better hahaha. Well poor customer service need not be tolerated, but we could be less mean when we talk to or treat others. I think it leaves a more positive mark, somehow making them more willing to help. 😉👍

Great message, Rosyel! It is important to remind ourselves that the inconveniences are temporary and we are in control of how we react. It isn't going to always be easy but it is necessary for our good health both mentally and physically. Sending good thoughts for the kitties too. Happy you rescued them. How can people do that?!

I do wonder how some folks could be so cruel to animals. These are tiny kittens that are helpless. They have a right to live too. Thanks for the encouraging words 😉👍

Yeah... It's easy to say "be calm"... lol... But, I'm trying...
To be tolerant isn't that hard to do, but I have problems with "calming down" :)

And those virus reports and stuff... have no good words about... lies everywhere...


Ahhh calming down for me is being in control of myself. I definitely can't control others, but I'd like to think I know myself more, so I would know what pushes the button & what deactivates it.

I like your video! (^_^) Nice message! Let's be calm... No worries as long we eat proper food and exercise plus hygiene! Ingatan nawa po palagi...