Weekend Wind Down | IAAC 212th

Hodge podge of topics on this weekender video.. Pet supplies run, book publishing, bitcoin price surge, PowerHouse Creatives challenge, and a surprise furry friend guest.

Let's start off with Twilight (Mowe's first batch of litters) and Bon (Mowe's second) playing around near the ottoman. I've been guarding against Twilight scratching on it, but it seems he got to sneak away from me. 🙀🙀

Another weekend of pet supplies run 😁😁 the cats are getting hungry...

Doing manuscript reading with my daughter this weekend. We're pushing to have my Maynia exercise published. Fingers crossed! Wish me luck! 🍀🍀

Bitcoin price surge has made me think of whether it's still a good idea to buy or... I asked someone who's had more experience with crypto and he said to be careful in buying during the highs. But I suppose I will keep my eyes and ears open. Speculations have placed BTC to hit $100k but it's anybody's guess at this point. 🤔🤔

Hive slowdown, is it happening? Well, I moderate the Freewriters Community for Team Awesome, and I do notice a few regulars and quite a few contributors. I'm a year old on Hive, so I have no point of comparison. Anyway, I'll have a look once again on this contest by @jaynie for PowerHouse Creatives. It's open to everyone, so if you want to join in, check out the post below:

Your thoughts on Hive of late by @jaynie

Bonus photos of Miny and Midnight, who both couldn't wait for Mom. I let them have their snack from the bag 😹😹Mom fed the cats not long after.

That's it for another week! Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'll see you for my Sunday video tomorrow. Ta-tah!

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Happy Saturday, girl! :) I am finally catching up on curating a bit - this week has been nuts & to boot, I wasn't feeling well yesterday. But today is a new day & feeling much better :) Now, I can catch up on your videos!!!

Yes, I agree with the "advice" on the BTC. While I feel it's definitely worth watching, it's best to buy on the lows when you are more sure about it. I never buy on the high's. And as you said, who knows what will happen? I do see it showing more stability than it was before so I wouldn't be surprised it does hit 20K in the near future. It will be an interesting thing to watch :)

I wish you much luck on the manuscript. Wow, that would be exciting to be published! :) Good for you both for just going for it. That takes courage & passion :) And yes, taking time out for yourself is important. Meditation helps a lot & as I mentioned in one of my past videos, meditation can be in many forms, which is great! IMHO I think it would help you a bit. I have picked up on your energy & feel you might need to step back (even if for a day) to regroup. I constantly have to remind myself to do that since I get caught up in a daily routine and workaholic mentality lol. So, right now, I am kind of in between....hence, why I fell behind on curating (which is unusual for me). But I am just going with the flow for now.. :)

I did a video on Freedom of Speech for the Hive Angelists the other day & may do a continuation on it. Maybe I will check out the initiative you listed above & see if I have the time for it. Lately, I have been enjoying making SL video. You should check my last one out when you have time lol....I did it differently than others.🤣

Your big boy at the end made me laugh. He DEFINITELY was hungry & so were the other cats, singing and meowing in the background haha. Too funny. Timmy is up to no good as always but has been a real lover lately, coming up to me for pets, guarding me in a way like he is now lol.


Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! Hope you are well & happy. Sending love, light & pixie dust to you, Mowe, & your loved ones ... 😍 😘 ❤️ 💚 xoxo

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Hello dear friend @iamraincrystal good day
what beautiful images you let us know. You must be careful when buying bitcoin at these values, two years ago the same thing happened when reaching these values many people have shared and lost a lot of money when it fell to US $ 2000 dollars.
have a happy saturday and an excellent weekend

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Wow the cats are just adorable Rosyel, and great to see the big cat back with a healthy apetite, plus also good luck publishing you Maynia book, it is great to see that that crazy active contest got so many writers to actually start publishing full stories that can be published in real books, have an awesome new week ahead and stay safe, awesome and alive.